The Immigrant Holocaust - An open petition to the world

From Colnbrook Detainees’ forum

We the persecuted immigration detainees of colnbrook.i.r.c, with one voice hereby cry out to the prime minister and members of the honourable parliament to come to our aid and save us from what we are convinced is an extra-judicial, highly unethical, and criminal violation of international human rights and fundamental freedoms, as protected by international conventions. Immigration and Nationality Directorate is a bumbling giant that is grossly abusing the powers granted it in various policies. It even goes as far as violating its own published policies. This abuse of power we know cannot be to the knowledge of the prime minister, and parliament as they are obscene and barbaric to say the least.

The IND operates by hidden, and undisclosed policies that are criminally malevolent, and if a drastic action is not taken to control this "runaway train", there will be dire a consequences in the international embarrassment these actions of immigration would cause the government and people of the United Kingdom.

The systematic guerrilla warfare being waged against immigrants and refugees by the IND has now blown open into an all out war. The Home office no longer tries to cover up its true intentions to eliminate all immigrants and refugee from the UK. This fact was clearly stated last week by an under cover, inspection of Colnbrook detention centre by the Home office secretary, John Reid, under the pretence of meeting with asylum seekers. Very much like the "Fuhrer" visiting his precious "Auschwitz". No asylum seeker ever saw; talk less of spoke to the Home secretary. He was surrounded by such a crowd of security and body guards. If the home office’s intentions were clean, why would they sneak in the home secretary, in such a clandestine manner, that most detainees never knew that he was there until he had left.

The home office was so secretive about his visit that even detention custody officers, who work everyday with the detainees, were not aware, or so they claimed. But apart from all that, the big question is why the secrecy and falsehood? If the IND was really honest, they would admit the evil which their concentration camps around the country, have come to represent. If and when an international investigation of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the IND is carried out, and the true extents of these atrocities are exposed, the convicts of Nuremberg would turn in their graves. Call us melodramatic, but we speak with the authority of all detainees in this centre, who are willing to testify to the animosity with which they are treated... And melodramatic or not, the fact remains that the similarities between the UK detention centres and the third Reich’s concentration camps, are startling and will fill any human being with a conscience, with dread. Especially if one considers the newest mechanism of torture employed by Colnbrook IRC. In the last couple days they have mysteriously, "run out of food" before everyone has eaten, covertly introducing starvation, to the list of atrocities. But this is nothing new, in comparison to what is currently the most evil immigration establishment anywhere on earth, the All Barbaric Harmondsworth, UKDS.

These covert deaths camps, or are they "detention centres" are extremely talented in the art of psychological and physical torture, and dehumanising treatment. Places like Haslar and Harmondsworth where detainees are routinely beaten and starved, stripped naked and exposed to extreme temperatures, and grievous bodily harm, for the slightest of demonstrations or protest. Shameful examples are the men who were stripped naked, beaten, and same instances almost crippled, for speaking to the press, during organised peaceful demonstrations. Another who was stripped to his briefs and kept in solitary confinement in extreme cold of mid winter in Harmondsworth, or is it the man who was force fed when he persisted on his eight month hunger strike in Colnbrook, (by which time he would readily qualify as a holocaust survivor, just liberated) or a disabled man who had to undergo forty eight hours of a sickle cell crisis without medical attention at Doncaster, and was later transferred to London in agony when the refusal of the centre manager to call the ambulance sparked a mass unrest among the detainees.

The list of dehumanising, degrading, torturing treatment of immigrants is as endless as the list of its victims all over the UK

All that is left for history’s replay to be complete are the "gas chambers", although the might prove not to be needed because detainees are committing suicide or attempting it so often, to save the executioner the trouble, and the gas bills. A sad, and alarming example are the three separate suicide attempts at Colnbrook’ C’ Unit, within twelve hours, or a week later another also followed in his predecessors’ desperate steps to end their suffering at the hands of the IND. All these individuals are available to testify in any investigation. We would like to highlight a few of the more obvious similarities of the Jews of 1945 and the immigrants of 2006.


The Jews or "illegal immigrant", or "failed asylum seekers" are summarily rounded up in dawn raids from their unsuspecting homes, arrested on the streets, in market places, at their work places, and even in phone booths.

- Detention is the first and only option considered.

- Most are continually detained even though their cases cannot be resolved anytime soon, because they have appeals, and high court reviews ongoing

- Children and whole families are detained.

- Able and disable, health or sick there are no distinctions by the Gestapo or "immigration officers".

- Their property is randomly confiscated and looted.

- They are shackled, beaten and humiliated in public places.

- They are not given a fair hearing, nor allowed any proper representation.

- They are coerced, into making statements under duress, so as to provide false evidence to be used against them, or fellow detainees.


They are detained for the longest period imaginable until death, forced deportation, or God rescues them.

- In conditions that would make a Billy goat ill.

- Starved, roasted, or frozen in non-ventilated cells

- Castigated, defamed, and persecuted by agents of Reich like the tabloid press, e.g the all ignorant NEWS OF THE WORLD.

- Detained in contravention international conventions, and the rule of law.

- Discriminated against, routinely in the interpretation of laws, and policies.

- Detained at the furthermost distances firm their families and legal representatives, to prevent their contact with outside world.


This is surely the clincher, as even S.S. Gen. Heinrich Himmler himself couldn’t have done any better, or is it worse?

- The Jews are denied medical attention especially in emergencies.

- They are constantly subjected to indiscriminate searches and intensely intrusive physical contact from total strangers.

- They are forced to take showers with cold water, in the open, in the full glare of female detention officers.

- They are constantly beaten, assaulted, insulted, and isolated for the slightest "infringement" or protests.

- Verbal, racial, and psychological abuses are the major weapons of their torture.

- Physical violence during forced removals, shackles, leg irons, tranquilizers are the norm.

The greatest malevolence of all is the social stigma placed on immigrants by the Gestapo immigration, and its propaganda machine: its most powerful tool of psychological warfare against immigrants. This propaganda machine is the tabloid press, highly influential, and made up of prominent NAZI, party members like Mazher"Judas" Mahmood of the news of the World newspaper,- who is in competition with the Gestapo immigration in the head hunting for, and kidnap of the Jews. Also fellow fascists like the BNP, the Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail, have vested interests in the demonising and social crucifixion of immigrants. This is very clear in their objectives, as pointed out by their turning the phrase "asylum seekers" into a synonym for "psychopathic career criminal".

We have become so consumed we cannot even decide where to stop. The evils go on forever; how does one even begin to say enough? But we are Christians. Believers in God, and His son, the saviour, Jesus Christ. We believe that God will stir up the hearts that read this into showing compassion to the persecuted immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. I believe that just as God thwarted the ambitions of the third Reich in exterminating the Jews in 1945, the God who is "the same yesterday, today and forever" will also bring to nothing but failure, the extermination, and psychological terrorism of the immigrants today.

One thing we know for certain, no matter how long this lasts, one day we shall see the sun, and our morning will come. As in the words of God, in the Holly Bible: "Though weeping lasts in the night, but joy comes in the morning". We would like to use this opportunity to humbly ask for the immediate cessation of these hostilities against us immigrants. We respectfully demand fair treatment: the immediate release of every detainee in detention for over 28 days, the stoppage of all forced deportations, the granting of temporary work permits to enable us earn a living, and a relaxation of the strict conditions any release granted. We also beg for an independent committee to be set up by the parliament to investigate the activities of the IND, the AIT, and the detention centres, as these bodies are guilty of breaching government policies, and international conventions. We beg this discretion of the parliament, with all our distressed but humble hearts, pleading in the name of all the humanitarian virtue, justice, and freedom that the UK has stood, and still stands for, in the international community. We want to believe that someone out there does not believe asylum seekers and immigrants are the monsters they have been made out to be. That they are human beings only trying to fulfil the most basic of human instincts: SURVIVAL. We hope there are still people with more scruples and principles than Mr. Mazher Mahmood, who will put humanity before personal, and political benefits, and will come to the rescue of we lowly immigrants; we are persecuted, isolated, and alienated, the least a civilised society like the UK can give us is an objective, and fair scrutiny. In the words of our lord Jesus Christ: blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. We beseech you; show us MERCY, and the lord GOD will also have mercy on, and reward you.