Eid Statement

Naveed Faisal Amin - Eid Ul Fitr 2005 Statement Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre

At my bail hearing yesterday, Judge Bean produced a letter from HMCS to say my appeal for reconsideration of refusal of asylum has been turned down. I have been told I will be deported in 2 weeks time.

I have made the following statement last week, during Ramzaan, begging for asylum for myself and my family as economic refugees. As economic slaves of the Afridi tribes of North Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are supported by both the Pakistan and Afghanistan Governments, I will be tortured, enslaved and my wife and children are to be sold into slavery to cover debts that have resulted from my detention (imprisonment) here.

My treatment by the authorities in Pakistan is covered below. It is the British Government and their representative who adjudicated my case, Mr. Justice Bean who will be responsible for my torture, enslavery and possible death.

Ramzaan/Ramadhan Statement 2005

Ramazhan 2005 Statement Naveed Faisal Amin, Harmondsworth Detention Centre

I have mentioned in my asylum claim that my family and I have a threat to our lives from the Afridi Tribe who are from the Pakistan/ Asfghanistan border and are spread throughout both countries. They had enslaved my father who left Afghanistan for Pakistan in order to escape them. However they had links in Pakistan also and found us there. When I escaped to Karachi they found me and my family there also so I fled to England on a forged passport to escape from them.

In the decision of 28th August, Judge Dineen notes the CIPU report on Pakistan which also clarifies Tribal control in F.A.T.A. and also Pakistani Govermnet collaboration with tribal law via Shariah and Hadood Ordinance as well as the Diyat (ie they can legally kill me due to the debts).

I am persecuted because I am an Afghani refugee in Pakistan who is controlled by the Afridi-Pathan Tribe – I am forced to work for them because of my social group and the Afghan and Pakistan governments collaborate with the tribes to enslave me. I am asking for permission to stay in the UK so I can pay for my freedom, or else asylum for myself and my family to escape slavery.

The passport was in the name of “Naveed Ahmed”, who is unknown to me. People from Pakistan who have been deported are going straight to jail and then into the hands of the Tribes. Mr Shahid Butt who was detained at Harmondsworth Detention Cenmtre has been deported to Pakistan.. He is now in a Pakistani jail for forged passport and other documents, His DMS Number was 48835 , Room No. D307.

Pakistan jail conditions deny people basic human rights. Torture is routine. Food is unhygenic, sanitation is also unhealthy in the lock-ups and rtooms. Infections and skin deseases and illnesses are rife. Prisoners must eat and toilet in the same room.

Mr. Shahid Butt has been tortured so much that he has lost his mind and is in a very vulnerable and dangerous mental condition. The jail authorities have done that just to get money from his family. His wife had to sell their home to get money to stop the torture. She had to get further money to get him out of jail. Since I have no money or house I will not be able to escape jail. After being detained at Harmondswotth for two months, I do not even have money to pay my rent, let alone bribes, bail or legal expenses.

I now have two fears if I am sent to Pakistan:

1. The Afridi Tribe would have me killed in jail. They have a lot of influence with both Afghan and Pakistan authorities and are known to pay jail authorities to have people killed in jail. The jail authorities are known to cover-up such deaths in custody. They have no regard for human life, only for money.

The Afridi tribe will not stop there, and will take revenge from my family – ritual public humiliation, torture or death or alternbatively they maybe sold as slaves for forced labour.

2. I will die in jail due to the worst conditions of Pakistan jails.

I have been detained for 10 weeks and am gettign stressed each day as I fear my removal for the above reasons. The painful cries of other detainees, when they are being removed from the centre for deportation, are driving me crazy and I cannot sleep.

I am neither a terrorist nor a criminal. I am a peace loving person who is trying to stay in the UK to save mine and my family’s lives. I heard that this country helps people on Humanitrian grounds, irrespective of race, religeon and colour.

The month of Ramazhan is the holy month for all muslims, started on 4/10/05. On 4/11/05 it is the celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr in which people get new clothes, shoes and gifts. I have been detained nearly 3 months due to which my family’s financial position is collapsing. I am the only providor in my family.

My detention has also caused my physical and mental health to rapidly deteriorate. Kindly help me stay in the UK as a gift to my children this Eid.

I ask again, please consider my grounds to stay in the UK as my and my family’s lives are not safe in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Kindly grant me either temporary or permanent leave to remain in the UK. I will prove to be a responsible, productive and peace-keeping citizen.

Yours sincerely,

Faizal Amin As Naveed Ahmed DMS 48103 Room D309 Harmondsworth Detention Centre