Date: Wed, July 27, 2005 3:16 pm


Report from Grattan Puxon

** The question is what action can be taken
** over Constant's blatant
** violation a High Court Injunction.

I received a phone call that the bailiffs were breaking down fences and that she was afraid they would damage her property, which was also protected by the Injunction.

I went, bringing an ITV Anglia reporter and camera, and The Enquirer.

Entering the yard between Mrs Doran's (Long View) and one of the plots being evicted - that of Mr Martin Sweeney) I saw the track marks of a JCB and a large gap of broken fence on Mr Sweeney's side. The track went diagonally across the land and through the fence at the top, where another section of fence had been broken down.

It was clear that a JCB had driven across the land of Mrs (Killiney?), destroying fencing (wooden fencing with concrete posts) and damaging the top soil on the land.

She herself was absent, with her four children. Her husband died about two months ago.

I later saw several Constant baliffs in her yard, standing next to another section of torn down fence and moving a large oil-storage tank (which belonged to Mr Sweeney, I believe).

At about 11.45 I approached Inspector Thomas and told him about the breaching of the Injunction and he said it was a matter for the council and the civil courts. He said "We wouldn't have done anything to prevent them (meaning stop Constant going onto that plot). We're only here to prevent a breach of the peace."

At about 12.l5 I approached Mr Constant, who was with other bailiffs on Mr Sweeney's plot. I pointed out the broken fencing (only yards away) and said that a JCB had obviously driven through the next plot. I said, "Are you aware that the Injunction has been violated and that your people should not have done that." He said, "No, they should not have done that."

At about 12.30 I approached Chief Insp Sheldrake and pointed out to him what had been done. He said. "They needed access" When I pressed him pointing out that the JCB could have got access to the land by driving up the lane (upper part of Hovefield Avenue, I believe) as other vevicles had, including the other JCB. He said, "It's up to the courts" I said I wanted him to take note of my complaint.

The other person evicted was Judy Casey and I understand Constant cleared her land, as well as moving two caravans from her plot onto another unauthorised plot at Hoverfield.

According to Mr and Mrs Berry at Home View (the further side of Mrs Doran's) Constant damaged their water supply by breaking pipes on Mr Sweeney's plot.

The two JCBs were from H.E.Services.

I took snap shots of the broken fences, the presence of bailiffs on Mrs Killiney's (?) land, and of the two JCBs while they were working clearing the Casey's land, which adjoins hers at the top. That plot, I believe, is Dun Roamin.

In the afternoon, about 2 pm, I met one of the local people who has volunteered to act as a Human Rights monitor, with K and Z, together with two members of the Basildon Islamic Centre (who are also members of the Minority Rights Group).

Richard Sheridan drove them to Hovefield. They found that one mobile-home was still on Mr Sweeney's plot. Mrs K and Z decided to make a protest and sat down infront of the mobile-home and held up a small banner saying "Protect Human Rights".

They were almost immediately removed bodily by police officers and told they would be charged with obstructing the police and obstructing bailiffs "going about their lawful duties".

They were taken to Raleigh police station and released at about 7.30 pm (five hours later) without any charges being made. While at the police station they heard an officer say, "We're doing Dale Farm next week."

Ann Kobayashi says the action of the police was "wholly disproportionate."

A large mobile-home was towed off Mr Sweeney's plot with the intention of taking it to a council-owned site at Peckham. For a time it was wedged at a corner and could not be moved.