Date: Fri, August 19, 2005 7:36 am

Legal opinion is that Constant & Co., the "Gypsy eviction specialists" retained for a direct action operation against 85 families at Dale Farm, should be hauled before a High Court judge for contempt.

During the eviction of two yards at Hoverfields Avenue, Wickford (26 July), Mr Constant sent one of the huge JCBs hired from H.E.Services across a yard which is under the protection of a High Court injunction.

The owner of Ash View, Mrs Gilheaney, had her fences crushed - and is entitled to compensation from Basildon District Council.

If anyone knows of a solicitor willing to take up her claim, please drop us a message. The issue of the breach of the Injunction is important to everyone.

Meanwhile, Hugh Edeleanu, chair of H.E.Services, has been made aware of the incident. I have written him an initial letter asking him not to lent his plant and drivers for any future eviction attempt at Dale Farm.

How can we best follow this up should he not respond?

The email address is:

Hugh Edeleanu
Whitewall Road
Kent ME2 4DZ Phone 01634291491

01634 291491
Fax: 01634 295626 Email:

The company is involved in plant hire, property, entertainment and IT.

You can see a photo of Mr Edeleanu at

As you will already know, the entire area of Dale Farm is now covered by injunctions obtained by Keith Lomax, pending the expected Judicial Review.

Spokesperson for Dale Farm Kathleen (Pearl) McCarthy is going through a very hard time at the moment as her husband is seriously ill in hospital and not expected to live. Nevertheless, we are meeting at Shannon Place, Camilla Drive, Dale Farm, every Tuesday (from 12 noon), home of Michael Sheridan. All are welcome.