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World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe
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World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 9, 2005 2:08 AM
Discuss the story World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe at

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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 9, 2005 2:51 AM
The story attempts a surgical treatment to the wound without any emphasis on curing it. The leaders mentioned in the story are not push-overs. Given the chance, they will defeat atleast Prez.Musharaff in democratic elections. They have a big constituency behind them and are the leaders in their own right. This has to be understood.

The anti-americanism prevalent in Islamic countries in general and Pakistan in particular cannot be attributed to these politico-religous leaders. It is directly the result of shameless dancing of the ruling elite of these countries to the tunes of the US. Having good working relations with the sole superpower, working jointly with it for science, technology and other areas wouldnt be opposed by anyone--including these leaders. But the ruling class of the Islamic countries do not work with the US in these spheres but they just keep on dancing.

The Islamic Countires which did/do not dance to the tunes of the US, have no record of terrorist violence. Iran for example. Iraq( under Saddam Hussain) is yet another. So, why most of the Jihadis are coming from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is anybody guess. The politico-religous leaders may be blamed for arousing the fire but they cannot be blamed for creating the fire. The fire is created is by someone else.


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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 9, 2005 8:24 AM
The point that the author is trying to make is a valid one. It is no surprise that Pakistanis the world over are begining to be despised. If the average pakistani has to go abroad to make a better living for himself, it is imperative that these leaders are reined in. True these leader enjoy majority support and would win any free and fair election hands down, but where would that lead the ordinary pakistani striving to go abroad. It is curtains for him. It is for the good of pakistan that the author has mentioned that these leaders be reined in and shown their place.


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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 9, 2005 10:03 AM
this is a column that long needed to be written -- the Talibani MMA is an Army created creature first to help capture Afghanistan for "strategic depth" -- and now to destroy mainstream secular politics of Pakistan -- and to be used as a bargaining chip to blackmail the West to give more blood money -- and to complete the conquest of Pakistan by its own army domestically.... is unimaginable how much damage these hirsute Hyenas have caused to the young Pakistani minds both physically and mentally......

there are two scourges that afflict Pakistan -- its self-appointed custodian of Pakistani governance the Anarchist Pakistan army -- and its self-appointed custodians of religion....the Alarmist Pakistan Clergy

between the two lie all the ills of Pakistan....

unless the anarchist out of control army of Pakistan is confined to the barracks and Pakistan's murderous Mind-polluting Mullahs, to the Masjid -- Pakistan and its citizen will REMAIN the pariahs of the world....

a Muslim state like Dubai not allowing the God's Reject 'Maulana' Fazoolurrahman with his stinky Hasba crap -- into its own city -- should sound the alarm loud and clear for the Pakistan Mullahs and the sorry excuse of their 'Islamic Scholars'....

...that its time for them to re-reexamine their Conscience -- as to where they are headed -- and where they are taking the Pakistani youth....

it's TIME -- the likes of Samiulhaques, Qazi Hussain Ahmed should EXAMINE their conscience for the CRIMES they have committed against their own kids polluting their minds -- to kill others -- and get killed in thousands here and the name of that distorted odious concept of Jihad....

Irfan Husain has done a great service to his country by writing this column -- and more and more are's time to call the hirsute spade a hirsute SPADE...


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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 9, 2005 10:23 AM
and it is being used to cause terrorism in Kashmir. The Manshera terror training camp, near Rawalpindi, is up and running, with the blessings of ISI and therefore Musharraf.

The MMA is Musharraf's creation - created to keep him in power. Now he says that if he does not stay in power, the fundamentalists will take over. Of course, the west seems to have a very short memory. They accept this line hook, line and sinker.

So , if the world is getting fed up:

(1)it is the West's fault for prolonging Mush's power

(2) the West turned a blind eye to all the terror that India has and is being subjected to by jehadis, first from Afghanistan,then pakistanis and also some British Pakistanis under the pretext of freedom struggle in Kashmir.

(3)It is the West (Clinton request to Ms Bhutto) that requested British Pakistanis to fight in Bosnia. They were then trained (about 200)by Hamid Gul, the ex-ISI supremo in Pakistan. Omar Sheikh, in Pakistani prison for the murder of Daniel Pearl, is a product of that Islamisation.

It seems that Pakistani leaders, civil or army, never really learn. They all come along saying they were left high and dry with the mujahids of the Afghan war, but then they went ahead and trained some more in the 90s. Are they just a bunch of poodles, with no brains to think for themselves!

Sarmad Khan

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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 10, 2005 4:24 PM
b]Mr. Indian

Neither you nor I can befool the world. The time has come we must start thinking, encouraging, telling and appreciating the truth. Some truths are reproduced here under.

1. Hindustan was considered a one of the most resourceful country in the world.
2. Mughals and others ruled over Hindustan as well as Hindus, Sikhs majority and Muslim minority by winning wars and fighting.
3. Muslim rulers never imposed Islam on non Muslims. Rather notorious cast system (which now prevail in enlightened Pakistani Punjab too) victimized Hindus, some other lower cast people as well some enlightened people to change their religions.
4. As a reaction, Hindus started victimizing innocent Muslims by depriving them from education, employments and giving them share in the government to satisfy their innerself.
5. Muslim Kings of the States became afraid of new concept of democracy where every man had right to vote and there were chances of losing their kingships because they had been ruling the Hindu majority by gifted states. Hence, they created Muslim league.
6. Only the Islamic scholars were having sense, they opposed division of Hindustan. They were seeing Hindustan where majority of people would be converted to Muslims by their peaceful preaching. Hence they were not contended over small piece of land.
7. Quaid-i-Azam was western minded, qualified and a broad minded leader who was favoring a united India. He joined congress rather joining Muslim league.
8. Narrow mildness of Hindu leaders who were seeing Muslims as their subjects to reverse the Mughals rule discouraged Quaid-i-Azam, who left the Congress and joined Muslim league after 8 years of establishment of Muslim league.
9. British lord was dishonest, biased. He did not do justice with his job at the time of partition. Boundaries demarcation, accession of Kashmir, Gurdaspur and many other districts was not accomplished honestly rather criminal way was adopted by the British in connivance of Hindus.
10. Quaid-i-Azam had a few loyals while majority of the political leaders from West Pakistan were feudal lords, British slaves. Quaid-i-Azam one said that he had Khote sickey in his Pocket..
11. Indian leaders were loyal to their country and nation. In Pakistan only East Pakistani leaders and masses of both parts were loyal to Pakistan.
12. After death of Quaid-i-Azam many popular leaders felt a relief and protected big land lord ships which were abolished in Bharat and East Pakistan, immediately after partition.
13. The role of Urdu and Punjabi speaking bureaucrats (ICS officers) in East Pakistan specially and in West Pakistan generally was a royal type. They were prototype of English Goras, who created hatred among the people of Pakistan by promoting their own languages, confiscating resources of other provinces and keeping the East and West Pakistan back ward except Lahore and Karachi.
14. Later CSP and PCS class emerged which initially performed not very bad but later on became a class of most crook, dirty and corrupt people who made politicians as well as military more corrupt.
15. The corrupt military personals like Col. Ayub Khan got promotion rather being court marshaled due to blessing of partition.

Sarmad Khan

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From: Toronto
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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 10, 2005 4:37 PM

16. The top class corruption of military traveled to the junior level, which started considering govt exchequer as their motherís milk. They gave birth to business minded politicians like Mian Nawaz Shareef and company , who changed the entire culture of politics by using the government to promote personal business unlike past where most politicians had lust to enjoy authority rather than making money.
17. God gifted Pakistan a most sincere and intellectual leader in shape of ZA Bhutto, who was later killed by the Ameer-ul Momineen Zia-ul-Haq and party with criminal connivance of Supreme court of Pakistan including Kodu Shah.
18. The criminal and corrupt upper class became frightened from USSR`s socialism. Their agenda and objective became in line with that of USA and Europe who were afraid of proliferation of socialism in Asia to ensure Oil supply and availability of market for their costly good. Middle Eastern Arab countries also joined anti-socialist movement of Pakistani elites and military men to protect their King ships. Jamaat Islami became a Champion to assist the west and rich class of Pakistan by brain washing the young peoples to fight against USSR. None of the leader sent their own son in Afghanistan. Only the poors were used.
19. USA started promoting mujahideens, mullahs, Usama Bin Ladin as Heroes. Various kinds of funding was arranged to attract Muslims all over the world to fight for Islam in Afghanistan.
20. USSR government being a humanitarian unlike the cruel and crook Bush could not tolerate heavy casualties. They instead of using atom bombs (USA in Hiroshima, Naga saki), carpet and daizy cutter bombs, gaseous weapons, preferred to leave Afghanistan.
21. USA changed its policy and persuaded its Hero Saddam to launch a fight with Iran to protect its war industry. Rums filed was the person who convinced Saddam to attack Iran. Similarly, some other US officials conveyed a message to Saddam to capture Koit.
22. The west is now thinking to attack China because of its market capturing progress and energy requirements. West is also thinking to promote India firstly and then to use it to fight against China.
23. This time Mullah Heroes created by west are holding political power. They travel by land cruisers and are not true Islamic at all. But majority of the Mullahs in government is simple, honest, peace loving, patriot and unwanted by the corrupt mafias including their own leaders. The agencies like military, bureaucracy and courts are also portraying them just like a Taliban government as cruel, compulsive and non popular against the facts. Actually these drunk and rapists are afraid of Islam which believes in equality and respect of humans irrespective of their color, race and religion.
24. War in IRAQ is purely for oil and in Afghanistan is purely for strategic purpose. No WMD has been recovered, besides no arrest of UBL or Mullah Umer has been made which reflect that the arrest is not included in western agenda.

Sarmad Khan

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From: Toronto
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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 10, 2005 4:44 PM
25. Bharat unlike Pakistan should not follow the west, which is planning an atomic war between china and India after dealing with Iran and Pakistan.
26. Indians must follow Chinese model of peace and tolerance. Extremist Hindu as well as others should be crushed for the betterment of India. Disputes like Kashmir should be resolved with broad mindness against the wishes of corrupt mafia and stupid Hindus who are against peace with neighbors.
27. We must be honest first to ourselves then to our neighbours. Neither Mullah, nor Islam is a threat. However corrupt mafia of Pakistan who is portraying true Muslims as a terrorist is a threat to regional peace.
28. Only a few NGOs in Pakistan are truly representatives of humanity and working honestly. Majority of the NGOs is promoting hidden anti-Pakistan agendas through divorced women in the name of women liberalization and modernization.
29. If any body tortures other innocent in the name of Islam, he is not Muslim.

I hope you will now understand as who are these Muslim clerics, how and by whom they were created. Why should India and Pakistan not come close to resolve their problem for prosperity of their people?

Narinder Dogra

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From: Ca
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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 12, 2005 2:11 AM
Mr. S. Khan

All your points are well understood. I appreciate your taking time to point these important aspects out.

But enlighten me on following:

Muslim clerics were opposed to partition. When Mr. Jinnah was propogating,'Islam is in danger,'and clerics were saying that Islam was not in danger.

What made these clerics change after the partition?


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From: India
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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 12, 2005 3:41 AM
Mr Sarmad Khan wrote :-

"Indians must follow Chinese model of peace and tolerance."

I suggest you ask the Tibetans and the students at Tiananmen Square about the Chinese idea of peace and tolerance

Sarmad Khan

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From: Toronto
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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 13, 2005 11:46 AM
Dear Mr. Narinder Dogra

Thank you very much for appreciating my post. Sorry for late responding. According to best of my knowledge,Qaid-i-Azam never said that Islam was in danger. Actually feudals were afraid of slogan of Pandit Nehru who announced that big landlord ships would be abolished. Consequently, it was the feudal class who managed to propgate that Islam was in danger.

The point which influenced Qaid-i-Azam was nerrow mindness of few Hindu leaders who were dreaming reversal of Mughal rule in India where muslims were supposed to be subjected.

As regards, clerics are concerned, they changed their stance without feeling shame. They must have courage to defend their ancestors whose opinion regarding the United India carried weight.

Sarmad Khan

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Re: World Getting Fed up of Unwanted Pakistani Clerics Roaming the Globe Posted: Aug 13, 2005 11:56 AM
Mr. Bilrak

Your point carrries weight. But I assure you that no such thing like Idealismprevailes in the east as well as in the west. Their are small or larger pockets every where which shatters the apparent image of these countries.

You know that Bush is criminally hiding body bags, similary mr. Blair is continuously trying to misguide the world . The both are protecting dictator ships and king ships of theri allys while claiming to be a democratic champion.

I think China will be able to sattle Tibbetian and Dali-Lams disputes ver soon with its policies.

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