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PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots
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PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Mar 31, 2005 4:54 PM
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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 1, 2005 5:34 PM

While I have no doubts about the story and the corruption mentioned in it, two companies that are suggested as the companies of sons of Ahmad Saeed may be a mistake.

For example, for AeroExchange, read the link:
(Aeroexchange largest B2B exchange of air industry)

Similarly, Mercator is part of Emirates Group:
(Mercator is the Information Technology division of the internationally famous Emirates Group.)

You may have to search for the IT & Telecom section of Emirates Group.

I wish if we have a such talented Pakistanis who own, fully or partially, such dynamic and world class companies but I am affraid that this is not the case.

But as far as Chaudhry Saeed Sahib is concerned, SA Tribune has already shown everyone that empiror is naked.

Viqar A. Minai

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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 1, 2005 5:51 PM
au contraire, monsieur, the empero has two hats. Note:

"...even conservative newspapers like ‘Dawn’ have joined the exposure of Saeed’s follies and the negative impact of his decisions, taken almost single handedly as the Chairman and Managing Director of PIA, a position which militates against the PIAC Act which clearly states that the Chairman and MD would be two separate persons and the MD would be appointed in consultation with the Chairman".

That just some one high up I personally don't know.

Qurat-Ul- Ain

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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 2, 2005 9:58 AM
Congratulations on a brilliant investigative work done so far for imrovement in PIA, but who cares a friend goes another friend comes in on Grand Father's sweet shop . Friends or batch mates will save their foes after billions of dollars bungling. All the institutions are being raped same way. Will there be any morning when we will see professionalism and merit flourishing in Pakistan with JUSTICE. This seems to be the era of Land grabbers and position Grabbers. While President Gen Musharraf was giving a sermon on Womens Equal rights on Women's international day on the other end in PIA 4 retired colonels of PIA themselves being in late fifties were advocating sacking of flight attendants attaining 45 years age instead of adjusting them on ground assignments or PIA 's subsidiaries. The poor ladies were fired and many families whose sole bread runner were these ladies have been left alone to starve under the slogan of Poverty Elevation.

PanjabiSher, MD, PhD, DPhil

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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 2, 2005 11:06 AM
I really do not understand being involved in the business, the only part of PIA which makes money is Roosevelt hotel. Since Saeed has taken over is trying to get rid of it. The fact is it was a free gift of US to Pakistan thru aid package and is a cash cow. Pardesi Sahib, it is very easy to setup front company, but actual services are performed by some other well established companies. PIA arrangement for cargo thru Paris is the perfect example of that.


Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 4, 2005 2:35 AM
Janab Tariq Kirmani Sahib
Present Chairman PSO
And Newly appointed Chairman PIA

Dear Mr. Kirmani,
We are extremely happy that you are being been appointed as chairman PIA . We congratulate your goodself from the bottom of heart infact. Sincerely you deserved this position. It is a universal truth that your goodself also set PSO in the right direction and today it is in profit. The same could Janab Ch. Ahmed Saeed could have done , but he made PIA his SERVIS shoe factory and all favourite persons of him were given free hand , who could do whatever they wanted.
The most favorite person of The Ex chairman happens to be his very close relative who was picked from a car showroom and given a post of DIT Nadeem Ikram ( Director IT ) PIA and is given monthly salary of Rs.4,50,000/- per month. This johnny has favourite pets like Mr. Shezhad , Mr. Atif , Mr. SMS Mashadi who are involved in looting the newly established department of AIMS where millions and millions have been wasted but not yet able to make the system AUTO ROSTERING. Everyone knew that The Chairman has to leave this entity because of his massive corruption , but the DIT did and gave his favorite all sort of rapid promotion. All rapid promotion should be brought into account . Why millions are being given to his favorites, and all facilities that this corporation cannot afford and for those who are not deserving. Point to ponder what was the use of sending several people from AIMS depth to Athens and no use , all money wasted by him.
The present incharge of aims Mr. Najam is involved in womanising and the Mr. Ahmed Saeed took no notice of it because of the DIT. Mr. SMS Mashadi a very close friend of DIT who has no calibre has been given promotion without any reason. For person like Mashadi and Shezhad and Atif have been given wrong OCS and so bring the corporation in further losses. Further please see how the DIT made a big house . Why is such things always overlooked.
The Chairman PIA sold his shoes to PIA on 350% more price then Bata. Why did he loot PIA ? No one to check.
Further all Base incharge of PIA and specially MR> RASHID KHAN Base incharge Peshawer is the most corrupt person. Mr. Rashid is involved in massive corruption and taking soopy tickets . He is involved in womanising as well and several airhostesses want to speak but their innocence is used. Who will help PIA.This was also in the knowledge of Mr. Ahmed Saeed .
The best and honest man for the replacement of DIT is Mr . Akbar Wahaj.
Further we will also keep you apprised with the situation, most of the DMDs are also corrupt .
It is your turn Sir, and we are sure that you will observe what is happening. You should study that honest and obedient people should come up and no favorites.
When you join the office of Chaiman PIA I will write tpo your goodself time to time and also meet you Sir.
Because I love My Pakistan, My country . My Flag .
I wish you that PIA prosper like PSO during your tenure.
Pakistan Zindabad

Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 4, 2005 3:31 AM
The Chairman Senate

Dear Sir,
It is brought in your kind notice that some elements who are been given A FREE HAND in the newely established department of AIMS which is as AUTO ROSTERING and AUTO PAIRING software
acquired from Greece Athens at a heavy price for the better of PIA crew scheduling and crew rostering.
This AIMS system is definately good for PIA and its staus in the international world already done well in 60 countries of the globe.
It is seen that DIT / Ikram Nadeem has been blindly trusting on few persons who are not only misleading the concept of this good system but can bring PIA in further heavy losses.
Our President General Mushraff is supposed to be the best and most appropiate person for ruling Pakistan becoz he has the vision to technology. Our President want that Pakistan and PIA since its our National Flag career o prosper more and more.
This is very very important that ispite bringing the problems several times to The Chairman PIA Mr. Ahmer Saeed and DIT Mr. Nadeem Ikram who happens to be his sons very very fast friend is no doubt a person of good character but he since relying toally on four or five person who we mentioned in our earlier mail to your good office will bring down PIA crew scheduling system.
The persons are:-
1) Mr. S M S Mashadi
2) Mr. Naveed
3) Mr. Ateeq
4) Mr. Shahid etc.

They are answerble for the following questions which should be put forward:-

1) Why Auto Pairing for Jan 2005 has been left as uncovered flights...?

2) Who will pay the heavy bills of Hotelling for the PIA crew .?

3) Why is Mr.S M.S Mashadi been given extra OCS and prooves could be given immediately.?

4) Why Mr. Naveed has been given a copy of Milion Dollar Software for his home use.?

5) Why crew in PIA flights are are not complete........? If any disaster happens who and how will
the crew manage at that time.?

6) Why the favourites have been given extra OCS which is extra burden on PIA.?

7) On what basis Mr. S M S Mashadi file has been sent or being prepared to be sent for promotion ?

8) Did any one check Mr. Mashadi qualification records and on what basis he passed an MCS from
ALKhair University........How did he acquire this degree?

9) Why pesrons from AIMS are being sent to Athens again ?

10) What is the relation of PIA Chairman and The DIT Mr. Ikram Nadeem?

11) What is the relation of Mr. S M S Mashadi and DIT Ikram Nadeem ?

12) Why Mr. Mashadi slipped to Dubai for two more days from Athens while others came home
directly ?

13) Why not the persons who are involede from AIMS dept in womanising not dealt severly?

15) Why the base incharge of Lahore , Peshawer Karachi and Islamabad try to modify the Auto
pairing ?

16) Who will cover the loss if flights of PIA has incomplete crew ?

17) Who will answer The CAA Civil Aviation Authority ?

All computer records and files of AIMS Dept should be checked and why aims insist to follow other its scheduling and doing al work manully.


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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 4, 2005 10:40 PM
Dear Mr. Irfan,

I appreciate you making the effort in trying to communicate to Chairman Senate, and Mr. Kirmani. You must know that this website can't be easily accessed from within Pakistan. I therefore, wonder how do you see any politician or government person receiving your email.

I suggest you send mass mailings to the GoP email addresses that are available on the GoP web sites.

As for sending a message, please send the email to the Ministry of Finance website and also, do the same with Ministry of Defence web site. There is a new Secretary and we should give him the benefit of doubt that he will not be a Mafia like Ahmed Saeed and his goons.


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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 4, 2005 10:59 PM
Brother Irfan,

I like your positive thinking that Mr.Kirmani will do a professional job as compared to Chdry of Gujarat. What I have heard so far, may not be encouraging. This man has never worked in a globally involved/technologically oriented company like say Monilink. Pakistan's progress will start the day we start appointing the right person for the right job!

There are hundreds of people that dealt with Nadeem Ikram ( known as Guddu or Bachcha for being childish)will agree with your assessment. This goes back to his previous tenures at: PAF, CAA and Indus Motors.

Who do you think is the real idiot or culprit here ? It's the dishonest person who hired Guddu against the wishes of his DA and COO at PIA!! Yes our beloved Chdry Sahib.

You also imply that there're competent persons at PIA IT ? You must be joking. You talk to any smart Pakistani in the IT field and he'll never join PIA.

PIA IT gang is run by Sangi, Zubair and few others. These guys are raping PIA for years. Ask any supplier that sold anything to PIA be that cable or nuts and bolts. Sangi gets a cut.

They are using Guddu as the front man so that people like you and I will upset at Guddu not the real culprit.

You also suggested some one's name to replace Guddu. I don't know who this person is but if he's any capability, you have just got him black-listed by naming him. Unless of course, that was your objective ?

No body wants to hear the truth. The truth is

PIA's IT department needs to be shut-down and over night the airline's service offering will improve. But no one wants to hear that.

This airline has been loosing market share on a year by year basis. Why do you think that is ? We should blame Chdry Saeed for all the mistakes ? Why not anyone higher than him ?

There is a new airline in Pakistan called Airblue. They only fly on key domestic routes. Do we know how much market share they have taken away from PIA ?

Just ask CAA to give the boarding information on airports like KHI, LHE, ISB and PEW. You will see that their market share is growing.

I salute the traveling public in Pakistan as they're more and more switching from PIA to Airblue. This is the begining of the end for PIA.

So, the real saviors will be the customers not so called Kirmani or Saeed or Abbasi.

Qurat-Ul- Ain

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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 5, 2005 9:16 AM
Mr. Shahriar, I understand you have lot of acquaintances with the PIA IT Guddus and Pappoos (The nick name of Mr. Akbar Wahaj). What to talk about IT every department in PIA is being run by Front men no matter how little knowledge the person posses. The PIA website is obsolete you don’t get schedule information as there is no permanent time table the schedule is changed every second day. There is no Printed Time Table available. The website is never updated you may see the name of AVM ® Niaz is still there as Dy. MD. Where as he has been released long time back after his corruption was surfaced. At least 4 Directors are holding flimsy portfolios 1. Director Information Technology (Who even cannot maintain the PIA website) 2. Director Coordination 3. Director Works 4. Director Quality Assurance. Throughout the airline Friends are being obliged with the perks and money making portfolios of directorship. Just to oblige some body the positions are created . The most important directorates which are back bone of Airline are being headed by non professionals . 1. Mr. S. Farooq Shah , Dy. MD (Administration) no knowledge of Human Resources Management only qualification relationship with Mr. Salman Shah Advisor to PM. 2. F/E Umer Ghafoor , Director Flight Services, Not even basic knowledge of Catering, F&B Management or Customer Service, only qualification front man of Ahmad Saeed for Catering supplies of his choice & benefit. Like Nestle examples PIA could not change the Economy class meal other then Chicken Curry Rice & Kheer in 50 years. 3. Col ® Ahsan Siddiq commonly known in PIA as colonel ZANI a known corrupt commodity, after an investigation by Army monitoring team on Sexual harassment and rape attempt charges he was to be thrown out but later a consortium of 4 retired colonels was formed who dug up corruption cases of big heads and the deal was finalized to promote him and all of them instead. His knowledge of Aviation Passenger handling is similarly zero but the canvas for his dubious activities has been broadened in this department. 4. Flt. Captain Javed Khan, No basic qualification of Quality Assurance, MIS , Business Administration except old friend of Gen. Pervez Musharraf. 5. Wasim Bari Director Administration , no knowledge or qualification of Administration, except his cricket expertise and acquaintance with Gen. Tauqeer Zia. 5. Col ® Mudassar Asgher Director Works again a flimsy portfolio as no Construction or Building maintenance of large scale is in hand this department was under General Services directorate but was only separated to accommodate Col. Mudassar. Astonishingly PIA did not have any General Manager (Catering) qualified or even having Basic knowledge of F&B since the take over of Mr. Ahmad Saeed. Probably the present GM (Catering) is expert in Telecommunication. The previous ones in Cargo, airport services, Motor Transport, accounting etc. 90 % Station Managers presently are Sportsman, Hockey /Tennis Players inducted directly in higher Pay groups and Professionals are rotting in lower grades. PIA ‘s unblemished record of Safety has been ruined by 5 fire incidents on B-777 in recent past due poor maintenance by non qualified technicians. PIA as a matter of fact needs a big over haul or it will hit the rock.

Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 6, 2005 1:04 AM
Brother I am happy to go through your lines . You have a better approach but sincerely this is not all we need to expose, yet there are several subjects we hope to bring in lime light shortly. General Mushraff happens to be a man of vision , though Choudhary of Servis , I am sure he would not be given an extension. He will never. His vying and tacts would enter a Null Set.
Several misappropriation against him , his wrong doings in PIA an open book and one often speak the PIA and Servis Shoe joint venture. This is not a fairy tale but the question of A National Flag Career PIA and its spinal cord the The IT Dept a family house and a farm story inside , what is going is not tolerable atleast in my corner. This is an era of democracy a true one from the grassroot level , the growth moving up every second.
It is not that The DIT is good , but the worst is that he is lacking what is required keeping eyes shut and relying on few people already mentioned earlier. On what basis have they been given rapid promotion , his choicy and yesterday when flight services people were blamed / no doubt the FS are also a major part of this system to flop AIMS it is The DIT responsible for calling people from The Flight Services today to adjust and a well known hawk eyed Leghari. Doesnot the DIT assess what is going around. For what reasons Leghari is welcomed today why not the job done with the help of the admisntrators who were sent to Athens spending millions on them . Was that a honeymoon package and OCS advantages given to the so called expertese who make more homes and less office and bossing everywhere. AIMS is a fundamental and a required subject not in a way The DIT or his expertese want. On what basis DIT is been given Rs 4,50,000/- per month and extraordinary benefits in a corporation that is sinking.
Is this sinking ship a Joy or become a trend of looting.
Pakistan . How long would my country be looted. How Long ? Now this loot has to be stopped. The money is not the ones who are getting salaries from PIA it is the money of this entire nation. WHY AUTO PAIRING IS REPEATEDLY FAILING....NO PROGRESS SHOWN ? SURPRISINGLY ALL JOBS IN AIMS DONE IN MANUAL METHODS. WHAT WAS THE USE FOR SENDING BOYS FOR TRAINING. WHAT IS THE OUTPUT. CAN THE CHAIRMAN OR THE DIT ANSWER. WHY FLIGHTS ARE UNCOVERED.
It is true that the subject defined in AIMS is justice then why the new incharge of AIMS keep on pasting international flights to this favourite crews , getting Raybans and Eternity.
A question that Mr. Mashadi is very close friend of DIT and there wives too share better opinions as friends. Mr. Mashadi happens to be designated in a post of his choice done athome and executed in office the very next day. He is not a literate in computer but an acquired degree where The Nedians are neglected.
We here means Pakistan / our mother / our country needs a new adminstration in PIA and as The names of Mr. Tariq Kirmani Sahib or Lt Gen Abdul Qayum Sahib could definately
proove 100% results , where the every corner of PSO and Pakistan Steel have shown remarkable colors and profits. Only honest and dedicated people are required who serve the Airline.

Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 6, 2005 1:23 AM
To brighten the enviroment and to pick the nectar of development DMDs and Base Incharge of PIA should be removed or new appointments done to make PIA an honest place , where my sister Airhostesess serving PIA have a chance to feel at home and get a pleasant enviroment, so that womanising could be stopped forever. Corruption has seeds on such beds which should not be nourished any further.
Gen Perwez Mushraff a man of Vision and a man who is thriving to give us true democracy shouldnot be misguided.
It is up to the people now to make this cause a success to make Pakistan and PIA a paradise. Eliminating all sort of injustices , all sort of corruption. A man who has given everything to the nation is to see and decide.
Pakistan Zindabad
Pakistan Zindabad

Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 6, 2005 5:52 AM
Dear shah49,
Thanks for the encouragement. I personally believe that President Musharaff and Primeminister Aziz are fully aware of things that are going around in PIA. They definately want things in order but it is never too late. The prospect for rebuilding PIA not in moulds but in a real order is required. If people say that the outgoing chairman is Gen. Mushraff's friend , they may be correct to an extent but I am sure that he will not spare any one no doubt his kins even because his motto identifies clearly that NOTHING IS ABOVE PAKISTAN . Mushraff is among those few head of states who love Pakistan and so do Aziz. The dirt of over 5 decades couldnot be blown out in a day or two but it is necessary that this cycle should continue so that a process of filteration is not impeded. What Musharaff and Aziz are doing is right for Pakistan. Unless we donot make place for good people we would never prosper. Since the whole chapter is dishonesty and looting we should tryu to pick the best apples. We need to devlop in honesty and brotherhood without the exception of cast and creed or religion and this is as well a part of enlightenment. So lets pray that PIA prosper. Noone is bad , but the system that we dwell in needs correction. Live for Pakistan only and Die for Pakistan only. The existence of Pakistan should be more dearer then anything. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD


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The columnist Abdul Qadar Hassan recently in his column stated that the regular column writing in newspapers in Pakistan started during Ayub Khan regime. Earlier articles on different topics used to be written. He briefs that during that time first time regular column writing started coming. He says it suited both the columnists as well as rulers and newspapers. The columnists started using their pens and column praising the rulers of the time. It benefited the Government as well as the newspaper itself. Rulers started giving more blessings to such newspapers. In return the newspapers kept such praising writers on their panel as permanent writers on big salary. He admits he himself got popularity in journalism by when he shifted to column writing.

Reading his this column the first time the clear meaning of late Ashfaq Ahmed’s words that educated people have more harmed the country than uneducated got clear understanding in my mind.

I was then working in Pakistan’s one of the largest engineering corporation. We had a very able General Manager Commercial & Marketing. He was really an intelligent, efficient and most suitable person in addition a fine true honest officer. A strange thing was seen that whilst the post he held needed him to keep himself abreast with the latest knowledge through newspapers etc he never read the newspapers. Official newspapers used to come but he only read twice a year namely when Budget came and when import policy was announced. He used to say I wish to remain a human being and a true human being hence keep newspapers away from me. We always found his this attitude very strange. But now in my this old age it has all of a sudden dawn on me that newspapers and more particularly our senior columnists are one of the biggest cause of public frustrations, psychological disorders, blood pressures etc. Reading today’s newspapers really cause you worries, anxiety, confusions and mental torture. For example when one reads “no body will be allowed to disturb public life and property and at the same page you read from both son & father simultaneously mobile phones being snatched from busy Clifton road you really get your blood hot causing tremendous hidden loss to your health. Or when you read a professional columnist saying how Nawaz Sharif and Benazir were so corrupt and with that all of a sudden same columnist’s article then praising Nawaz and Benazir re-flash into your memory your breath gets faster with suffocation.

Weekly South Asia Tribune is published under editorship of Mr. Shaheen Sehbai an ex-editor of prestigious daily The News International of Karachi. He is an able senior capable journalist that is why he could get editorship of such a national daily. Under his editorship now he has published more than 20 articles on PIA main point in which always is allegations against PIA Chairman Mr. Ahmed Saeed. Reading all those articles and allegations give a very bad taste to a common readers though educated reader well understand those series of articles appear to be part of a campaign.


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From: Karachi
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Re: PIA's Ahmed Saeed Finally Being Booted Out, Back to Manufacturing Boots Posted: Apr 7, 2005 3:23 AM

Second part from previous post

In one of his column titled “ PIA Ka Choudhry” unfortunately date of which I could not note, Mr. Abdul Qaddar Hassan writes about PIA Chairman Mr. Ahmed Saeed. He writes how doubtful loans were being given in the Agricultural Bank when the Government put Mr. Ahmed Saeed as Head of the Bank and how all of a sudden grant of such loans stopped. The columnist write then government put him into PIA where he worked too hard and put the PIA once again into a successful airline. Mr. Ahmed Saeed according to columnist travels on his own expense, pays out of his own pocket hotel expenses and if he has to give any concession to any friend he pays it from his own pocket. The columnist says the honesty of Mr. Ahmed Saeed is so that now PIA is replacing its whole fleet.

Now point is whom should an ordinary reader like me believe? Articles published in South Asia Tribune or that written by Mr. Abdul Qadar Hassan? Both are credible, learned, experienced in their field. And this is the situation in all aspects with the result common man does not get the true facts. He is confused who is right and who is wrong, what is correct and what is distorted.

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