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The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf
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The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 11:46 AM
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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 12:42 PM
The writer has properly identified the symptoms of the desease alling pakistan but he has reccommeded the wrong medicine. I don't know why he is blaming Musharaff for every bad things happenning in Pakistan. Musharaff is not giving Instruction for each and every thing wrong which is happening in Pakiatan. Pakistani army is as secular as any muslim army can possibly be. Musharaff is atleast talking about enlighted moderation whereas Nawab Shariff wanted to make Sharia as law of the land. Without Pakistam Army, the Mullahs would take over Pakistan and make it another Afganistan.
Pakistan being a 98% muslim country is always going to be like this. Nothing is ever going to change. When Muslims decided to drive out all the Sikhs and Hindus out of West Pakistan, they sealed thier fate.


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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 4:30 PM
well, i think Writer could have been wrong providing our president tried to make reactionary statement regarding such day-light humiliation of women in the country. But it seemed that it was pre-planned by the Government funtionaries to highlighted the issue at the international level.
whereas, I am yet in confusion why the drama of marathon race was orgnized and why it need to divert attention of whole nation of the country as there are bundle of problems in the country which may need more attention of Government, media and HRCP. But as often it has again made the destitute people of Pakistan fool.

sara malik

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 5:35 PM
'Teach the bitch a lesson. Strip her in public." As one of the police officers told me, these were the orders issued by their bosses.

its ur courage that u listened these words otherwise i wish thats me so that i can see him n teach him if u were ordered by ur bosses then y u didnt tell ur workers to give her more respect.
y u did it with her.coz if ur boss can order this to do with her then next time he can also give same orders for ur ladies.
y u dont come with me n tell me infront of ur boss that he said me this to do?
y ur bos is still in his post?

i think this article was started at once after hearing this from a police officer? clarifications n markings were not made clearly from that police officer.

one Q is from u writer that was that boss a 'police officer or millitary officer?
make it clear.POLICE or MILLITARY

n conclusion is this that there is a lot of difference among those policemen who works in offices n thos who works for the public control.their trainings r different.they treat every one with their aspects.
what hapenedto her it is known but after that happening she went police station(make it clear,POLICE STATION not GHQ) where they refused to take her report. it was the Headline in DAWN "Police rejected to Entertain Asma" i dont remeber the exact words of that heading.but this "ENTERTAIN" word looked disgusting.but after reading the headline n whole article i was shocked. that word was so disgusting for this news.i wrote a letter to them that this is not the way of writing a comment/news of ur contry's socialist who works for the women rights.first thing.

2nd thing. y this issue came here late. this issue must be related with relevant tasks. here this issue is only a pressure to pump more against leader.
Asma Jahangir, she is a respectable lady n a social worker in Pakistan. it is right that she was treated in a wrong way.
this issue can not be related to Millitary affairs.of course it was for political terms but it was not told to public at that time.
its not an upto date article.
this article is only wriiten for front picture.
Musharraf is not a Police officer. but may be he is the master of the game................
then who r the BOSSES?


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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 8:29 PM
No country is likely to achieve its full potential if 50 % of its population (women) are not empowered.

India too, is a long way from this.

Yes, Musharraf in his immaculate suits, comes across as a person wanting to change things, but when you look at the realities on the ground, it is not clear whether his intentions are to stick around for long time, rather than to bring about real change in Pakistani society.


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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 15, 2005 10:13 PM
it is not that what Pakistanis like Mr Haqqani and Mr. Hasan are being just spiteful against Mr. Musharraf in their two columns -- mr. Musharraf playing Jekyll and Hyde domestically is being closely watched abroad.

Here is today's New York Times Editorial on double crossing forked tongue -- multi-masked -- Mimic Musharraf expressing the same 'noble' sentiment against the Dictator:

With Friends Like This....

Published: June 15, 2005
During a joint press conference last December, President Bush praised the visiting Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, for prosecuting "those who would inflict harm and pain" on the Pakistani people. "There is nobody more dedicated in the protection of his own people than President Musharraf," Mr. Bush said.

At a time when Pakistan is supposed to be going after Al Qaeda terrorists who make merry within the country's borders, our colleague Nicholas Kristof reports that Mr. Musharraf's government has instead arrested a victim of sanctioned gang rape for planning a visit to the United States.

Mukhtaran Bibi was sentenced by a tribal council to be gang-raped because her younger brother supposedly had relations with a woman from a higher caste. After the rape by four men, she was forced by village leaders to walk home nearly naked in front of a jeering crowd.

Ms. Mukhtaran was unbowed. She testified against her persecutors in court, started two schools in her village, established a shelter for abused women and bought a van that is used as an ambulance in the area. She has also spoken out against honor killings, rapes and other attacks on women.

Her guts in daring to oppose the feudalistic elements of rural Pakistani society earned her invitations from all over the world, including from the Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women, which asked her to visit the United States this Saturday.

But before she could get here, General Musharraf's government arrested her.

Pakistan also released her attackers, who had been in prison since they were convicted of raping her.

Pakistani newspapers report that the government, bizarrely, is worried that Ms. Mukhtaran might malign Pakistan's image if she is allowed to go abroad - as if it has not taken care of that rather ably by itself.

The Bush administration has made nice with General Musharraf in the joint interest of antiterrorism campaigns.

Christine Rocca, the assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs, said in Congressional testimony yesterday that America is "dismayed" at the abuse of Ms. Mukhtaran, and that administration officials would pursue the matter during the course of the day.

Let us hope this one goes straight up to Ms. Rocca's boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It makes no sense for the United States to accept the kind of behavior from friends that it would not tolerate from enemies."(NYT)

NYT must be kidding -- it makes a lot of sense for that Mongoloid Invader -- the operator of Gitmo and Abu Gharib Gulags -- and the torturer of third world citizens -- to ALLOW his 'tight' friend Mooshruff -- to go on tightening the Noose around the hapless Pakistani women like Mukhtaran Mais -- while letting the rapists go scot free to rape another Pakistani woman....with the blessing of conniving Mr. Musharraf and the 'Defender' of the HONOR of Pakistani Women -- the Indoor Army of Pakistan....

Like Father Like Son....

Dr. Asif Raza

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 12:37 AM
Just an Update,

Pakistan PM Mr. Aziz has talked to M. Mai & removed her name from ECL. Later, M. Mai met US ambessedor to Pakistan and took her passport without visa. Meanwhile, the court had ordered to release the bast#$%^ (overruling Mr. Aziz' order to keep them behind bars), but as soon one of them was freed from Jail, he with his guraneter & few relatives who were supporting them; were arrested by Police on directive of higher authorities.
Do check Ms. M. Mai' official website, she has met with her few collegues from different NGO's but refused to meet some.

I do believe that there is much more to do to reform justice system in Pakistan.



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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 1:17 AM
Post#2 Mr.Raj-You wrote:-

Pakistan being a 98% muslim country is always going to be like this. Nothing is ever going to change. When Muslims decided to drive out all the Sikhs and Hindus out of West Pakistan, they sealed thier fate.

I agree with your statement. That explains why more Pakistan tries to change itself , more it remains the same. Its a classic case of One step forward and two steps back.

The social scholars are of the view that a homogenous society is good in some sense but it is detrimental in most of the senses. A hetrogenous society is more dynamic and is more apt to change than a homogenous society. A hetrogenous society is more competitive and its constituents are more alert for their rights and their survival lest they are overwhelmed by others. The USA is a classical case and is no doubt the most aware society the world has ever produced. India, though not as well developed yet, is much better than other societies like Pakistan, because being hetrogenous in nature, people are more aware of their rights and their overall well being.

And unfortunately, this malaise is inflicting whole of Islamic world. What Islam needs today is more and more intermingling with other religions but what it is opting is more and more exclusivity.

Ellen Bobi

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 1:38 AM
police beat the woman with batons in the full glare of the news media, tore her shirt off and, though they failed to take off her baggy trousers, certainly tried their best

Well done Mr. Ali Hasan. You have contributed a lot even more than the police did with Musammaat Aasma Jehangir. But you did it very late and your fiction is full of contradictions. Next time be careful because tearing off shirt was not done at that day. Had there been any such third call incidence occurred, glare of the news media would have certainly reported the event. Because Aasma Jehangir is a heavy weight woman rather over weight in respect of her importance as a human right activist as well as a known advocate ad a teacher of law. It is you who have imagined tearing shirt and taking off her baggy trousers; otherwise our police you know is expert in this matter and question of failure is meaningless for our police history especially in dishonoring the humanity.Mr. Ali you have done what the police could not?. I can agree with you to the extent of using of descent remarks of police Teach the bitch a lesson. Strip her in public.", which are conventional in our long politicized political as well as establishment system.

I fear that story will be counted toward negative not only in the eyes of your masters but also in the eyes of Mohtarma Aasma Sahiba. I fear you may lose score. Sorry for poor reporting.

No doubt you have tried your best to involve the president Musharraf in tearing of shirt and taking off of baggy trouser of Mst Aasma Jehangir, but you again failed. Because, people know that our police know the art of using filthy language against any tax payer of Pakistan without seeking orders from their bosses. The remarks were not from military officer, but were of brave police officer. Here you again failed to prove relation ship between MMA, Trouser and president Musharraf.

Ellen Bobi

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 1:46 AM
CONT.... POST #9

Perhaps you were not allowed to protest and raise slogan when police force tortured and arrested the MMA leaders and workers at Gujranwala, even after their release when as per report no charges were found against them. This may be because in the eyes of Human right leaders, MMA workers don’t fall under the category of human. Or their support may result in stoppage of funds from the western masters who always try to malign Islam and Pakistan.

Here I will suggest you to go through history of Human rights Commission and most of the NGOs, who raised slogan of child labour in carpet industry, earned million dollars but did not resolve the matter of poor people who painfully send their lovely children to earn money rather than going to school. You may find thousands of air conditioned Limousine, Pajeeros, Land cruisers with the NGOs, conducting seminars, conferences on Poverty alleviation at the Marriot, Pearl Continental, Hilton and other 5-6 star hotels together with the participants who are actually behind this "Poverty elevation" campaign. You will seldom see a poor and raged man or woman in such seminars. However some times some NGOs may highlight some poor to use them as monkey for raising their funds. Factually NGOs business in Pakistan is highly profitable after the real state business. No doubt few NGOs like AKRSP, NRSP and some others are committed one, yet most of them are earning million of dollars in the name of environment, blind dolphin, pollution and biodiversity. NGOs are working since more than 20 years in Pakistan without any major achievement excluding AKRSP in northern area and few others.

Please stop maligning President Musharraf who does not have enough time to issue such cheap orders against the HR leaders. Ask your leader and other NGOs to leave beautiful environment of Islamabad, go to the rural areas and spend some time and money on their social uplift, train them to curb feudal, work against victimizing Chaudheries, Feudals, Jaagirdaars, police etc, provide free legal aid on mass scale, help the people in complete getting rid of the notorious D.C. system and monopoly of CSP and PCS officers “Kala Sahibs”on innocent subjects, advise the people in electing good leaders as ‘Nazims”, arrange trainings of Nazims toward better management and development, advise the federal government to give due share of resources to each province; work on developing good relation with India as well as to reduce rather minimize defense spending in both the countries, raise slogan to promote purchase of pellet than bullet, school buses than tanks, ambulances than bullet proof vehicles, constructing schools and hospitals than cantonments, designing space shuttles than missiles, bringing the peoples closer than fighting at Sia-chin glaciers. But you have focused the shirt and the trouser not to malign Pres. Musharraf but to degrade Mohterma Aasma Jehangir; I am sure that she will not appreciate your attempt.

But if NGOs intend to do such, their funds will be ceased, and the NGO will be no more. Because interest of wetern masters is to creat East Taimmor, Darfur state ignoring the freedom war in Kashmir and in Palestine. Where are WMD in Iraq? What was th fault of poor Afgahns who faced carpet bombardment. How many NGOs to how much extent has raised their slogan to protect the poor and innocent people.

ravi kumar

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 1:53 AM
she last year came to india.we saw her in tv show in india.she was a loveble person soft spoken can police is so brutal to her.its inhuman.

Ellen Bobi

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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 1:54 AM


You know that, your comments supported by some social scinetists have been proved true when Mr.Nirindera Moodi ordered to kill more tnan 2000 innocent people in Gujrat and crushing their growing business just because they were muslims.

No doubt you seems to be a philosopher whose commnts are always supported by practical examples.



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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 3:06 AM
Post No.12-- So you are comfortable with the concept of AKHAND HINDU RASHTRA propounded by the same Modis, which will be a HOMOGENOUS SOCIETY.


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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 3:09 AM
Ms Bobi

I need to correct your statement vis-avis Modi.

The official report released by the Congress government states 754 muslims killed and over 250 hindus killed mostly by police firing, i.e. protecting muslims from hindus.

The other aspect of a hetrogenous and democratic society is its transparent institutions. The government has to inform its people and the parliament, because the institutions in a democratic society have checks and balances.

The democratic institutions have been completely dismantled in Pakistan therefore the only source of your information is the army intelligence. In time most pakistanis come to believe their data to be the only truth (as in North Korea).

It is like this: ask a new yorker, a kenyan and somebody from ladakh - what is a policeman?

new yorker says - sometimes shoots you in the back, may be helpful

kenyan says - they all good.

guy from ladakh - whats a policeman.

this is the fate you have been suffering, thus bangladesh was a shock; and you are also unwilling to accept , for example, that most terrorists in J&k are pakistanis trained by your army (see Sheikh Rashid dilemma)and pushed into India.

There is no information other than khaki disinformation in your country, and that therefore that becomes the only truth.


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Re: The Many Mocking Masks of Master Musharraf Posted: Jun 16, 2005 3:27 AM
Why is Asma Jehangir quiet if all this happened to her? from what we saw on TV when she was in India, she is appeared short of neither words nor guts.

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