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The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs
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The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Nov 28, 2003 11:29 PM
Discuss the story The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs at

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Nov 30, 2003 8:34 AM
Dear Mr.Sehbai,
U talk perfect sense.But the questionis, Is there anyone in Islamabad who is listening to u?

Danial jameel

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Nov 30, 2003 9:35 AM
Well they better start listening soon because we all know exactly where the government's support to the mullahs is goin to lead this country....


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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 1, 2003 2:28 PM
Mr Anwar Hussain has tried to blame everything on the mullahs and has very cleverly abstained from critisizing other elements in the muslim and pakistani society.
It is to be noted that during the time of prophet there were men who use to teach quran and its meaning to the arab bedouins and others who wanted to learn. " Saha Satta" was the name given to such people and the people of medina use to provide them with food and shelter so that they can solely be dedicated to the cause of teaching. They were the mullahs of their times. The teachings use to take place at the platform which is even now a part of the Masjide Nabbawi.
Firstly, Mr. Hussain is absolutely wrong in designating all the mullahs as being against the Pakistan movement. I will mention a few to correct his lack of knowledge about the Pakistan movement.
Deobandi mullahs who favored pakistan: Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Ihteshamulhaq Thanavi, the two stalwarts of school of deoband.
Barelvi Mullahs: Pir sahib Manki shareef, Pir sahib Zakori Shareef, Abul hasnat Qadri, Abdul Hamid Badayuni, Abdul Aleem Siddiqui ( father of Shah Ahmed Noorani). Infact the entire Barelvi school of thought along with their Imam Mulan Raza Khan Barelvi was in favor of two nation theory evebn before Quaid-e- Azam left Congress.
Shia Ulema along with Agha Khan supported pakistan movement whole heartedly.
Secondly, when has mullah achieved power anyways that we are blaming them for our downfall. It was Yazid who martyred Imam Hussain and not the mullahs. It was the moghuls who became weak by infighting and palace intrigues that caused their downfall. Why do we blame mullahs.
In Pakistan were Ghulam Mohammed, Iskindar Mirza, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, ZAB and Nawaz Shareef Mullhs? Who divided Pakistan -- Mullahs or injustice to bengali muslims by our punjab+ pathan army and beurocracy? Where were mullahs. Shah Ahmed Noorani, Mulana Maudoodi and mufti mehmood wanted power to be transferred to Shiekh Mujib according to the democratic fashion but the anti-mullah ZAB opposed it. Even in recent years non of the mullahs is labelled Mullah ten percent while the anti-mullahs are.
Mr Hussain is right in thinking that the modern education is important to go forward but if mullahs were not there we would have been another american colony by now.

Who pressurized the dictator not to send army to Iraq?
Who is tooth and nail against LFO( A DEMOCRATIC ISSUE AND NOT AN ISLAMIC ISSUE)?
Who has the power in pakistan to stage a resistance against our rogue army generals( not army jawans as they are the star of our eyes)?
Mr Hussain should be thankful to MMA that they have united under one banner and given Pakistan some self respect. Otherwise Musharraf and his cronies along with the anti=mullah alliance would have sold pakistan to the west.

ahmed sheikh

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 1, 2003 2:56 PM
South Asia Tribune

I think Mr. Anwaar Hussain has rendered a Yeoman service to Islam and Pakistan, our fatherland, by taking the time to research his excellent article which I find very thought-provoking. I salute him.

2. In another forum of the South Asia Tribune, about ten days ago, I posed a question in my posting No. 03 (> <) which has gone unawnsered. I really want to know. The question was:-

"What is a Mullah and where the hell did he come from? Islam does not allow any priesthood. Period! There are only two verses in the Holy Quran about priests of other monotheistic religions and both of them condemn the institution. Verse 31 in Sura 1X (Tauba or Repentence) of the holy Quran says:- "They take their priests And their Anchorites to be Their lords in derogation of God." In verse 34 also of Sura 1X says: "O Ye who believe! There are Indeed many among the priests And Anchorites, who in falsehood Devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the Way of God." Mullahs as an institution in the Islamic world, according to history books that I have read, came into their own after the death of that great Sultan Salah-ad-Din Yusuf ibn-Ayyub (1137-93 AD) when there was trade, intermingling and cultural exchange with the Crusader states in the Levant in which Christian priests dominated. I will appreciate it if anyone can correct my understanding about Mullahs."

Ahmed Sheikh
Washington DC
Tel: 202-637-9212

Anwaar Hussain

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 1, 2003 6:24 PM
Mr. Talha Siddiqi of post 4,

Firstly, thank you for your comment. I did not mean to blame all the Mullahs for being anti-Paklistan. If my writing gives out that impression, which on second reading I guess it does, I apologize. There were definitely pro-Pakistani element, as you have rightly pointed out. But let us not oversee the fact that a sizeable majority of these gentlemen did bitterly oppose the creation of Pakistan. They even went to the extent of calling Quaid-e-Azam as Kafir-e-Azam and Pakistan as Napakistan. The rest is history.

Secondly, allow me to make an observation. The Mullah is not the addressee of this article at all. He wouldn't even read this. If you think that then you have missed the whole point. I have rather addressed those simple-minded majority Paklistanis who have allowed themselves to be exploited by him. And the responsibility for the state of affairs, I have put squarely at the unholy alliance of the Mullah and the hypocrite Pakistani elite, not Mullah alone. I hope that makes it clear.

As far the MMA and the Mullahs' political agenda, I have addressed the issue at some length in another article of mine. I neither want to waste bandwidth here nor promote my writing. Please search for it right here in South Asia Tribune or request the editor to give you a link for that. Failing either, my email address is given on the left side loud and clear.

Thanks again,

Anwaar Hussain


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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 2, 2003 11:51 AM
Dear Mr Hussain,
It was a pleasure reading your reply and to know that certain things should be clarified. I must say that you are a bold person.
I have always condemned " ulama-e- soo" versus ulama-e-haq. We should be able to distinguish between Mullah's and ulemas.
By the way although I am not a jamaat-e- islami fan,I would like to corect that the phrase " kafir-e-azam" was coined by Ghulam Ahmed Pervaiz and not Mulana Maudoodi.
However,you are absolutely right that a faction of deobandi ulemas and wahabbi scholars including Maudoodi opposed pakistan movement.

Anwaar Hussain

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 3, 2003 4:13 AM
Mr. Talha Siddiqi of Post No.7


You say “By the way although I am not a jamaat-e- islami fan,I would like to corect that the phrase " kafir-e-azam" was coined by Ghulam Ahmed Pervaiz and not Mulana Maudoodi.”

I categorically reject your charge on two grounds. First, my research repeatedly throws up the name of Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Hind as the chief Muslim divine who not only coined the word Kafir-e-Azam for Quaid-e-Azam but also issued a fatwa forbidding the Muslims of India to join the Muslim League.

Second, a very near and dear elderly person whom I personally hold in great esteem and whose word I have no reason to doubt, was brought up in the house of Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz and vouches for the fact that Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz sahib loved and respected the Quaid-e-Azam and the Muslim League.

By your baseless charge you have profoundly hurt the sentiments of this gentleman and, by a natural corollary, mine. My hurt can be ignored on account of the fact that I authored the piece which has in the first place, albeit inadvertently, caused the occasion to be the source of anguish to the person that I respect. You are requested to either put up historical references to support your charge or refrain from vitiating the atmosphere here. For the sake of promoting a healthy exchange here, It is with great difficulty that I prevailed upon this gentleman from launching an assault on your charge.

Thank you,

Anwaar Hussain


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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 3, 2003 6:25 AM
Mullahs may be a convenient whipping mule for the current woes of Pakistan -- but extremism was not their forte in the past

fundamentalism yes but not extremism --

Islamism and the mixing of religion with politics and state -- a highly inflammable cocktail -- was the Molotove Cocktail that the Non-Mullah Politicians of Pakistan threw -- NOT the Mullahs --

RELIGION was used by the Muslim League to creat an Islamic Reublic of Pakistan with the specific constitutional stipulation that no NON-MUSLIM will be the President of Pakistan...ever

to an outside observer that smacks of pure and unadultrated Mullahism being practiced by the so called Non-Mullah politicians of Pakistan --

Islamism has been the bane of Pakistani politics for the past 57 years -- whether ruled by the army or by the civilians

In fact in its 57 years existence Pakistan was never ruled by the Mullahs --

half of its existence Pakistan was conquered repeatedly by its own ARMY -- that ruled under the banner of Islam and that regressive 'Sharia'

and it was nobody else BUT the ARMY that revived the fading Mullahism in Pakistan politics -- as a counter balance against the non religious politicians -- if you dare to accuse any Pakistani politician of being -- 'non religious'.

the resurgence of Mullahism in current Pakistani poltics where they have captured two strategically important provinces -- is the brilliant idea of only one person and one -- the Comedian-in-Chief of Pakistan, Mirza Musharraf and his clapping sycophants --

so pleeeze spare the Mullahs and put the blame where it really belongs --

wholly and squarely -- on the shoulders of 'Islamic Army' of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan --

that has ruled Islamabad for the past 27 out of 57 Islamic Years!! -- (will they ever get tired of naming and renaming everything Islamic....Islamic this and Islamic that -- in Pakistan.....ever?

and then this retrograde Islam-loving ARMY and its so called 'secular' (if anybody left of this extinct species in Pakistan) apologist turn around and blame the poor retrograde Mullahs for using regressive Islam as their weapons in politics.

IT IS THE PAKISTAN'S ISLAMIC ARMY folks....that is THE UNDOING of Pakistan -- not the Mullahs...



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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 3, 2003 5:20 PM
Mr Hussain says "THE MULLAH now holds the Pakistani society by the throat." But who holds mullah's throat? The post #9 (above) hits the nail on head. Recall an article published last week by Ardeshir Cowasjee (who I believe most Pakistanis believe to be quite a credible and leading journalist) who wrote:
-------- quote --------

He (Ayub Khan, President and General, and later President and Field Marshal) was tired of double or triple Ids being celebrated, tired of the inability of the holy men to decide in unison. He gave orders that the moon-experts in all areas of the country would be instructed by his military commanders that they would, in complete unison, 'sight' the moon on one evening, so that for once in its life the entire nation would celebrate Id on the same day.

Sure enough, from Karachi to Peshawar the divines spotted the moon on the announced evening. However, up in Quetta, Maulvi Tabassum declared that he had not sighted the moon, and that the Faithful would continue to fast the following day. As the story goes, a furious Ayub, ordered the GOC commanding the Division in Quetta to ensure that the maulvi did see the moon.

The General sent for the stubborn maulvi, turned his head heavenwards, and asked 'Maulvi Sahib, chand dekha?.' 'Nahi dekha' said the resolute man. The General then turned him around 180 degrees, told him to peer downwards, and asked 'West Camp dekha?' 'Dekha,' murmured the learned man. 'Good,' said the General, and asked him to look upwards. 'Abb chand dekha ?' 'Dekha, dekha,' said a nervous maulvi, and thus was Id celebrated the next day in Quetta and the entire country.

------- end quote ---------

It's time Pakistanis made it's army accountable. It's all too easy to blame Mullas, Maulavis and Ullemas.

Abu Hisham

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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Dec 4, 2003 5:12 PM
Mr Editor
Although this is a quite thought provoking article but I would like to point out that the notion made in the article about Mullah's grip on the lay man is not entirely true. Its not Mullah's fault if people want to stay illeterate about Islam and have out sourced Islam to Mullah. It is also their duty to learn about Islam if they want to challenge the certain taboos and misconceptions. It is not enough to blame Mullah for all of your inadequacies. It is not enough to blame Mullah for not learning and acquiring knowledge. it is not enough to live in a small comfort zone of not knowing about Islam.
Mullahism is not a certain type of people rather it is an attitude, mind set and a way of thinking. It is a closed mind mentality which could exist anywhere.


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Mullahs Posted: Dec 5, 2003 12:27 PM
Their is no doubt Mullahs R indeed the Trouble makers
In pakistan. Its the Mullah who invented hatered in
pakistan and this hatered will never go away unless
Mullahism has to be stoped. In jumma Kutba instead of
mullah tell muslims Islam, he start crusing others
sectors. This is not Islam.

2nd during Zia ul haq time, Mullah got lot of Ilegal
weapons and they used to kill other muslims in pakistan.
how come these Mullah carry 25 Body guards? Who they
afraid of. why they think that if they don't keep these
body guards some one is going to kill them.

for last 50 years its the Mullahs who are making fool
pakistani nation. Question is why Mullah use Islam
as a shield? they know when they use the word islam
its easy to Trick pakistani Muslims.

Bottom line is Mullah failed in pakistan, Mullah failed
to unite Pakistani Muslims. Mullah call themself muslim
but they reject to pry namaz behind other Mullah.

Pakistan was created not for Mullahs, but its the Mullahs
who Highjacked Pakistan in the name of islam.

[Edited by: admin on Dec 5, 2003 7:55 PM]

Danial jameel

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Re: Mullahs Posted: Dec 6, 2003 1:28 PM
No i have to disagree. Not all mullahs are anti-Pakistani or Fanatics. There are aome madrassas in Pakistan which provide free education, free meals for the poverty-stricken masses of Pakistan. I do agree some of these institutions are preaching terrorism, but most of these fanactics are actually afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

Once again Mr. Anwaar Husain, an excellent article and highly thought provoking. Although The Real question is not who is to blame, but How do we correct the wrong and make our lives better?......



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Re: The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs Posted: Apr 7, 2004 1:44 AM
Before I comment on the main topic, I would like to suggest careful interpretation of Quranic verses. One of your comments, referring to Holy Quran 3:79, was:

“A nagging problem remained though. Some verses in the Quran clearly disallow obedience to any man-made laws that are in conflict with the Quran.”

The verse you mentioned reads as follows:

It does not befit a truthful man that Allah should give him the Book and Wisdom and Prophethood, and then he should say to men, 'Be my worshippers instead of Allah; but he would say, 'Be solely devoted to the Lord because you teach the book and because you study it.

It is an interesting topic. Us humans have a habit of blaming others for our woes. I am afraid, our own weaknesses have lead us in trouble and we have end up shifting the blame on others. The subject matter is very sensitive and in-toxicating one. In the end, after an exhilarating discussion, we come up with no solution (Ironically, I do not present any solution either, at least not one at this time). It is important that we understand the root cause of our problems. Therefore, after analyzing the issues, we must determine what has caused our fall from grace.

Here is how I look at the entire situation. Each one of us, including myself, is after something in this world. Some of us tend to gravitate towards power, be it legitimate or illegitimate. These people exploit whichever way they can, who ever they can. All humans have some weaknesses. In western world the exploitation takes different route. In Muslim countries, this is obtained by religious exploitation. Most people do not understand religion at all. They rely on its interpretation by so called “scholars”. They are interest in learning and squiring knowledge. Rather, they treat religion as collection of rituals. Religion is not a code of life. It is what you do occasionally. People will go arguments regarding how good and knowledgeable some scholars or people are, but the smell is a dead giveaway that “something is rotten in Denmark”. Our society is reflection of us, collectively all of us. Surely, religion is used as tool of amassing power in all Islamic countries, and not by Muslim leaders and “Mullah” only. In early to mid 20th century western powers found out that if they controlled the religious leaders,

In the Holy Quran (Chapter 15 vs. 39-43), after God’s telling Iblis to get out, following dialogue is recorded:

He answered, 'My Lord, since Thou hast adjudged me as gone astray, I will surely make straying from the right path appear beautiful to them on the earth and I will surely lead them all astray,
'Except Thy chosen servants from among them.'
God said, 'This is a path leading straight to ME;
'Surely, thou shall have no power over My servants, except such of the erring ones as choose to follow thee.'

The origin of “Mullah” (by the term mullah I mean exploiters of religion for their worldly gains) is not in Iran or elsewhere. It is simply a manifestation of age-old forces of exploitation in our time, in our country. And as far as future is concerned, the answer lies, according to the above quoted verses of the Holy Quran, in our actions. May Allah grant us the wisdom to find the path that leads us to Him. Oh Allah have mercy on our country and our countrymen. Amen

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