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Voodoo Video: BB's New Name: Smart Nephew: Slam Dunk Books

By LampPost

ISLAMABAD/WASHINGTON: Floodgates of information about scandals hitherto hidden under wraps, seem to have burst open in Islamabad revealing what has been going on in the past three years. This has started as the cloak of honesty and accountability gives way to very familiar stories of loot and plunder in the name of national security and good governance.

Thanks to the revelations by the unsophisticated corporate head of Husnain Construction Company, who revealed all about the “Mr Two Per cent” of the Big Mush (BM) government, new people are now coming forward to speak out.

This Mr Two Per Cent has, however, closeted himself into a very quiet corner, somewhere on this planet and even after 11 days of the facts given out by his employer, he has not uttered a word in his defence. Nor has any one from the Government or the chief executive’s secretariat or the Information Ministry which is so quick in issuing denials, they sometimes do it even before a story is published.

LampPost has now heard from very credible insiders that a huge scandal in the Tele-communications sector, involving a so-called “nephew” of BM, was dumped by the partisan National Accountability Bureau (NAB) but not after a big row between its head and BM himself, resulting in the former deciding to quit NAB. This NAB Chief, reported by all to be really honest guy who was seriously interested in “across the board” accountability was so frustrated when BM himself ordered that he should not probe into the wrong doing of this so-called Nephew, fronting for a Canadian Company against the ever dependable Chinese bidders, that he ultimately quit his job.

The issue was of a $70 million contract for making mobile telephones and the nephew prevailed upon all, including the NAB chief although at one stage, a senior NAB official virtually scolded him and threw him out of the NAB office. But Lo and Behold, he came back with the authority of the Big Boss and got his way, taking with him two high level casualties, one Anis Bajwa, PSO to the big boss and ultimately the NAB chief himself. Now LampPost has learnt that the nephew’s company has been given another two-year extension of the contract. Who said nepotism had ended with the ouster of the “dirty politicians”. LampPost has been promised full details and documents of this scam soon and these will be up for every one to see, revealing the real face of the main players in this game.

This also shows not just the “dirty politicians” had dirty linen which the Press washed in public. In fact the khakis are so scared of "their dirty linen" they are rushing through new and ridiculously dubious Press laws. They want to whack the media hacks into total silence. Some details of these laws have been posted elsewhere, but LampPost has learnt that the conspiracy to stop the media from using any government document as evidence against any government functionary was basically the brainchild of BM and his close corrupt ones, who were scared of getting exposed sooner than later.

One way the new scandals are to come out is through books now being rushed through the publishing houses in US, ready to reveal the inside stories of what has been going on to deceive and mislead the people of Pakistan and the world during the last three years. These books are being written by well informed Pakistani insiders, who now have settled in the US, but who have brought a wealth of information and documentation with them. These books could make life miserable for the BM government, specially after an elected Parliament comes into being with some highly motivated, articulate and brave people using the forum to show the emperor that he had no clothes on.

LampPost has learnt that two of these books would be particularly damaging, one revealing many secrets of the Khakis, their ways, their infighting et al. In these days of the internet, it would take these books just a few days to spread round the world. One of the books will also cater to the political regimes before the present rule of the jackboots.

While upcoming books may not worry the people in power, or their security details, one reported event, if true, could prove to be a real embarrassment. LampPost has learnt that in one of the private parties frequented by some VVIPs in Islamabad, a video tape was made of one very important person who was said to be in high spirits in the early hours of one September night (or morning) and trying to be extra friendly to a member of the other sex. The story of this video's presence has reached the corridors of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington DC, but as yet no one has claimed to have seen it. In this private video some security people are reportedly running after this important person begging “the Sir” to leave the lady alone. Who can this guy be? LampPost will leave all to guess until the video itself surfaces, somewhere, sometime, God knows when, and if, on the internet.

Also coming from another circuit in US is the news that leader of the PPP, BeeBee is seriously considering the option of putting herself up as a Presidential Candidate, should the shape of the new assembly allow some politicking on these lines. Since she is disqualified to be a member of the Parliament, no such condition exists until now on the qualification of a Presidential Candidate. So if she can run for the highest office, she could give Big Mush a big run for his money.

LampPost expects that this disclosure would result in the Law Ministry offices in Islamabad opened up even on a Sunday, to draw up a new list of qualifications for presidential candidates, including one which could say: “The First Name of the Candidate should begin with a Pee, ending on a Zee with the last name to start with an Emm and end on an Eff.” It would be a hard political act for BeeBee to change her name as another condition would be: “No name changed after this law is promulgated will be acceptable as a presidential candidate.”

One thing is, however, certain. BeeBee would not want to add any Effs in her name.

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