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Vehicles and a KFC burn in Karachi as police escort funeral of blast victims in Islamabad (Below)

A Despicable Check List of Musharraf's Pakistan

By Visionary

LAHORE, May 31: Does it matter that the American Consulate in Karachi can kidnap any citizen, have him hauled inside, beat him black and blue and than deposit him at a police station with threats of dire consequences if he squeals about the matter, just because his vehicle scraped the Consulate boundary.

I hope Justice Osmani and Justice Memon realize that Diplomatic immunity is not a licence of 007 (James Bond) to kill, kidnap, rape or harass citizens of the country. (And while I'm at it, could the Consulate withdraw from the land it has encroached upon, making life miserable for the citizens of Karachi, and instead strengthen their own walls within their legal premises.)

Does it matter that on the date when freedom of press is celebrated all over the world, journalists were beaten up by the police in Islamabad and a week or so later a renounced daily was threatened to shut-up by withdrawing official ads.

Does it matter that a project of national importance “Raising of the Mangla Dam” has been delayed and nearly jeopardized just because minions fronting for the Chief Executive of the province who through backdoor methods seem to have acquired the leases of most of the deposits of limestone in the vicinity of the dam and hiked the prices so high that the contractor nearly ran away.

Does it matter that in this land of once five flowing rivers we have private armies that barge into factories with guns and tractors and remove goods without any fear of the police or concern for the stays of the courts and are bent upon harassing foreign investors so that no new foreign investor dare invest a penny in the country.

Does it matter that in the world of Pakistani politics a husband is about to cheat on a wife and a brother is about to stab a brother so that they could wield political power under the watchful eye of the Khaki.

Does it matter that all the political parties asking for return of democracy are the least democratic within their own setups. They have no elections. Their allegiance is to a personality who is elected Chairman for life and even if they have an election it is pure sham.

The only people who are content to remain stagnant in any setup, may it be corporate or political, are those who are either very poor/weak or those who have personal agenda of making a buck through the position they are in. Otherwise how can the likes of Amin Faheem, Aitzaz Ehsan, Sardar Khoso and other men of substance just sit by and watch the shenanigans taking place. The whole sham is about creating personality cults and creating dynasties for their respective families. If that be so than why fault the incumbent, who as it is, thinks there is no one better than him.

Does it matter that to register the purchase of land, the lower echelon of the tehsil still takes an amount equal to the official registration fee.

Does it matter that an area which has a river flowing 10 kms from it and a mountain with huge water reserves of less than 3 kms away and still the womenfolk have to go on donkeys for 5-8 kms to fetch water.

Does it matter that the steel pipes which were laid in the 40s were removed and sold for scrap worth millions and replaced by low quality cement pipes which collapsed within a month of replacement and the people are without water and no one has been hauled up for questioning.

Does it matter that an honorable retired bureaucrat who has achieved a status of a pious man and to whom all and sundry flock for advice and to whom came for advice one of his retired chaprasis who had four daughters who were constantly harassed by the goons of the neighborhood and who had used all his resources of police contacts etc. All that this pious man could advise was to sacrifice one of the daughters?

Does it matter that Imtiaz Sheikh against whom the Sindh Chief Minister has made allegations of corruption galore and who is now wanted for collusion in murder has been promoted to Senior Vice President of the official PML. And may well become the Chief Minister of Sindh.

Does it matter that after the bursting of the land and stock exchange bubble and the hauling up of the officials of DHA Lahore, no one has been booked for any crime.

Does it matter that with all the hue and cry for the promotion of SMEs even now the loans by banks are being given to the haves and the right-offs are for chronic defaulters like Ch Qasim. Try setting up a small or medium industrial enterprise without 300 percent collateral and you would be shown the door.

Does it matter that everyone is raising a voice against the feudals, even the Chief of MQM lays fault at the doors of feudalism, without once realizing that where it has been done away with without a proper replacement, the vacuum has been filled by anarchism and terrorism The methods and tactics of some ethnic and religious groups in urban areas, and of the vacuum fillers in those rural areas where the local landlords have been sidelined, are clear references for study.

Does it matter that when one comes across senior bureaucrats or members of the PMs team one is told that what one is writing about and much more. Well if they know and still don’t do anything about it then what right they have to strut around like proud peacocks.

Does it matter that all those who previously stood for elections as MNAs and MPAs are all proudly vying to be demoted to the district and tehsil nazim slots. Why? Because that is where the buck stops.

Does it matter that no one in the entire country takes out a procession against the Baglihar and Wullar but you have a huge march against the Kalabagh. The only people who took it on themselves as per news item were a group of Kashmiri freedom fighters who were on their way to blow up Baglihar but apparently got caught by the Indians, a typical case of bad planning and execution. Well so was Kargil anyway.

Does it matter that both our allies (referring probably to US and China) have abandoned us and left us high and dry and are wooing Miss India?

Does it matter that some one has advised the President to have his illustrious mother come on screen and voice her thoughts about her son who presently rules the country. I had a chance to watch one of her earlier interviews. The lady came across as an educated, soft spoken, kind and above all elegant – an aspect of upbringing fast eroding from our society.

I also had an opportunity to meet Mr Zardari’s mother and found her to be a woman of strong character, substance and immense presence. But what better way to show love and respect to these souls than by doing what is right … and by improving the lot of the millions of sons of other mothers of this country.

Does it matter that an individual who is now 50 plus and has fought the urge to make a quick buck and accept bribe may be on the verge of breaking his life long principle just to bring bread to the table.

Yes it matters! It matters because one man of principles down is a great victory for the corrupt, evil and manipulative Holy Trinity. In this era where consumerism, materialism, individualism is breaking the very fiber of societies and religions and is further being strengthened by the grip of corruption and nepotism which has been unleashed by the media moguls of the New World Order.

It matters that individuals who stand by values and principles and what is right by society and religion who are presently dispersed like straw need to be baled and looped.

It matters because they are the hope for the millions in this country and billions in the world who are crawling below the line of inhumanity and poverty.

It matters because throughout history it has been the individual fighter, Mard-e-Momin, man of faith, man of vision who has changed the course of history and has been the rallying factor for the downfall of tyrants.

To all those on the verge of collapse or who are in the grip of momentary weakness stand tall and matter.

This article was published in Pakistan's Daily 'The Nation'. Email: Visionary_gndl@yahoo.com

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