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More Outrageous Lies From MQM's Fake Aalim Online

Special SAT Report

WASHINGTON, May 8: General Musharraf’s and MQM’s comedian in the Pakistani cabinet, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, cannot keep his mouth shut even on such incriminating issues as obtaining bogus Internet degrees for his 2002 election.

For the second time in a week he has blurted out some more confessions and again, as it happens with people who have to concoct more lies to cover up their old lies, the funny doctor has contradicted his own statements and released a new set of facts about his shameful conduct. The interesting part of this on-going comic opera is that he makes up facts while he is speaking and does not remember what he had cooked up last time.

On Saturday, May 7, Aamir Liaquat Hussain (ALH) spoke to the Daily Times of Lahore, basically on political subjects, but he could not escape being asked about his fake degrees and he could not resist giving convoluted self-contradicting explanations, which make him look like a hardened liar instead of a soft spoken religious preacher that he portrays himself to be.

On Sunday, May 1, he had given an interview to Daily Dawn which was mostly about his degrees and his unethical conduct. But in the Daily Times interview now ALH blatantly reverses the facts he gave to Daily Dawn just 7 days ago, making almost a fool of both the leading newspapers because the interviewers of both dailies were either not properly briefed or were deliberately soft on the otherwise charming young Minister, a TV celebrity who has made his own life miserable by getting caught in a scandal which he honestly cannot defend.

Here are some of the statements he made to The Daily Times, contradicting his own words in Daily Dawn:

He told Dawn: “My PhD degree has nothing to do with my becoming eligible for elections since my medical degree was sufficient for that. True, I attached my honorary PhD degrees along with my other medical degree when I filed my nomination papers.”

He now tells DT: “When I came to Karachi from Dubai to file my nomination for the general elections in 2002, I needed a degree to become eligible. I first went to Jamshoro to get my MBBS degree from the University of Sindh but they made delays. Then I applied to the University of Karachi for a certificate of equivalence to the honorary Bachelor’s degree so that I could file my nomination papers.”

The Big Lie: He told Dawn he attached his Honorary PhD degree with his MBBS degree. Now he says he could not get his MBBS degree from Jamshoro and got equivalence of his Bachelor’s degree for his nomination paper.

He told Dawn: "I got it (PhD) for free and as an honorary degree.”

He now tells DT: "The Trinity College and University awarded me three honorary degrees; BA, MA and PhD way before the elections."

The Big Lie: His BA degree is dated March 17, 1995, five years before the Trinity College started selling its degrees on the Internet in 2000. He says he was given this in one package in 2002. How can a College issue a degree for a year when it was not even there. See copy of BA degree

He told Dawn: "I have never said that I have pursued a proper education program for my PhD degrees, which are just honorary entities awarded to me."

He now tells DT: “The (Trinity College and) University doesn’t award degrees on payment of fees alone. It also seeks evidence of your ability and qualification before awarding a degree.”

The Big Lie: How can any University worth its name award an Honorary degree when the candidate himself says he has never pursued a proper education program. And this University offers him not only one but three degrees, all at once, one of them even back dated to 1995.

He told Dawn: “I contacted all the universities I could find on the net and sent my thesis to them.”

He now tells DT: “I had written a 1,500-page thesis on Islam and Terrorism, which I mailed to various online universities."

The Big Lie: Finding a university on the Internet is something mind boggling. On Google, if a search is made for "universities", in 0.08 seconds a list of 118 million universities appears. If one looks for "Online Universities" in 0.13 second a list of 181 million universities is available. Search for "Top Online Universities" and in 0.74 seconds 62.4 million universities are listed. Sending 1,500 pages to all these universities, as ALH claims, is simply hogwash. Just lgoing through the lists would need years for a man like ALH. He would need all his life’s income and savings just to mail 1,500 pages to these universities. His statement is simply preposterous.

He tells DT: "The Trinity College and University has a faculty of Islamic Studies and those who contradict this are liars."

The Big Lie: Not once on the web site of Trinity College has 'Islam' or 'Islamic Studies' been mentioned and the closest degree they offer for such studies is of Doctor of Divinity (DD) not a BA, MA or PhD.

He tell DT: “My opponents claimed that they were responded to by the online university within 20 minutes, when they asked them about the credibility of my honorary degrees. This is the age of the Internet and online response comes within minutes.”

Big Lie Caught: South Asia Tribune E-mailed questions to the Trinity College about “Honorary Degrees” they offer. Their response was they DO NOT offer any Honorary Degree but they could give an “Honoris Causa” Degree if someone wanted it, but that too would not be free of charge. The full text of Emails exchanged between SAT and Trinity College is as follows:

----- Original Message -------------

From: Editor
To: 'trinitycoll@terra.es'
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 9:18 AM
Subject: Urgent PH.D Degree Question

May 1, 2005

Trinity College & University

Subject: Award of Honorary Degrees by Your College

Dear Sir,

I am the Editor of a widely circulated newspaper based in Washington, DC, USA called the South Asia Tribune. I have 37 years of experience in Journalism and have edited important newspapers.

I have learnt that your college issues "Honorary" PhD degrees in various subjects. Please send me more details of the Honorary Degrees that you issue.

I have seen the details of the BA, MA and PhD "All-in-One" degrees package that costs 500 UK Pounds on your web site.

Are Your "Honorary Degrees" different than the degrees you award under the "All-in-One" Package for 500 UK pounds?

I would like to get an Honorary Degree in Journalism and would be obliged if you send me the details as soon as possible.

With Kind Regards,

Shaheen Sehbai
South Asia Tribune
Ph: 703-450-1644, Fax: 703-995-4631
E-Mail: Editor@SATribune.com


From: TRINITY COLLEGE [mailto:trinitycoll@terra.es]
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 5:58 AM
To: Editor
Subject: PhD in Journalism

Thank you for your enquiry. Please advise your full postal address and we will send you our brochure. Awards are issued based on previous studies and qualified work experience. Yes your 40 year work experience qualifies you for "Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism". Should you require speedy processing, please complete the attached application form, send payment, together with a copy of your CV(resume).

Fee GBP295 less 10% discount for one PhD certificate sent out by registered post.

Thank you for choosing Trinity College for your educational requirements and assuring you of our best help at all times.
Kind regards
Trinity College
P.O. Box 608, Fuengirola 29640, Malaga, Spain
email: trinitycoll@terra.es Tel/fax +34 95 266 7011

----- Original Message -------------------

From: Editor
Cc: 'ssehbai@hotmail.com'
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 7:36 PM
Subject: RE: PhD in Journalism

Trinity College & University,

Dear Sirs,

Refer your response. Kindly clarify if you issue "Honorary PhD Degrees" without any charge. I have heard that you do. What are the criteria to get an Honorary PhD degree free of cost, if there is any? If not then I will work on the other option. Please respond as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Shaheen Sehbai


From: TRINITY COLLEGE [mailto:trinitycoll@terra.es]
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 11:10 AM
To: Editor
Subject: Re: PhD in Journalism

Thank you for your email. Yes we can issue a Doctorate "honoris causa". Awards are not free of charge.

Kind regards
Trinity College
P.O. Box 608, Fuengirola 29640, Malaga, Spain
email: trinitycoll@terra.es Tel/fax +34 95 266 7011


The bottom line is that Dr Aamir is an unabashed liar and a man of no moral or ethical character. He is an embarrassment for the MQM, for the Government, for his TV employers and for the millions of TV viewers who see him preach Islam and morals every day.

This subject is now closed.

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