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Musharraf's Dr Fake Caught in a Web of Lies and Deceit

By M A Siddiqui

KARACHI, May 2: Pakistan controversial Religious Affairs junior minister, the gift of Altaf Hussain’s MQM to General Musharraf, one who is perpetually present on the Idiot Box, “Dr” Aamir Liaquat Hussain of the Fake Degrees fame, has once again stirred the bees nest by making conflicting claims in an interview to Daily Dawn, weeks after the controversy over his Internet degrees had almost been forgotten.

Under the headline “My Degrees are not Fake” the Minister has made so many incriminatory confessions, padded with untenable and almost stupid conflicting claims, that his credibility would now suffer the damage he may just have escaped through an embarrassing but understandable silence. He tears his own statements and claims apart and weaves a web of lies in which he finds himself entangled at the end.

Dr Aamir (Fake) Hussain was accused of buying his educational degrees from an Internet College just before elections in 2002 so that he could become eligible under the new Musharraf doctrine to elect a “Graduate Parliament.” Officials of the Karachi University were apparently pressurized to authenticate his Internet degrees and declare them equivalent to those issued by a Pakistani University on the same day.

The original story on his degrees was investigated by a Karachi Urdu Daily “Ummat”. According to the investigation he approached a web site in Spain, The Trinity College & University, which boasts about providing Bachelors, Masters or even Doctorate degrees, without attending any class or college. “Everything by Email” the web site of the College says right on top with the big slogan: “Get your degree today.” Click to View Web site

Dr Fake bought his “Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies” degree (Serial No: P-2002227 Dated March 17, 1995), got his “Master of Arts in Islamic Studies” degree (No: P-2002341 Dated March 15, 2002) and his “Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies” degree (No: P-2002528 Dated April 5, 2002). In what may be a world record worthy of the Guinness Book, he got his Doctorate in just three weeks after his Master's degree, if the documents are to be believed.

Daily Ummat contacted the Karachi University authorities to find out how these web site Email degrees were authenticated on a single day, in writing, by the then Registrar of Karachi University, Prof. NM Aqil Burney. The Registrar received the application from Dr Aamir on August 24, 2002, days before filing of his nomination papers for the NA election and authenticated his degrees though this letter No PA/2002 Dated August 24, 2002. Click to View the Registrar’s letter of authentication

But all hell broke for Dr Fake when South Asia Tribune picked up the Daily Ummat story and published not only copies of his degrees but also the images of the web site of the Trinity College.

According to the latest article in the Sunday Magazine of Daily Dawn (May 1), more damage was done when the South Asia Tribune, which Dawn described as an explosive online news ezine, “also picked up this news item and uploaded some so-called documentary evidence on its site. None of these stories featured comments from Aamir, who for the first time has spoken on this issue to any publication.” Click to Read Dawn Magazine Article

“These are all just lies. Before I never commented on this issue because, I believe, it’s in the nature of dogs to bark, and I don’t want to counter every bark made by a dog. This has all been done by a few people in some newspapers, and other people who don’t wish to see me in the religious spectrum of Pakistan. My PhD degree has nothing to do with my becoming eligible for elections since my medical degree was sufficient for that,” he told Dawn.

But then he admitted: “True, I attached my honorary PhD degrees along with my other medical degree when I filed my nomination papers, but I ask, what’s wrong in that. Why should a storm stir up on this issue? Yes, it might be true that the Trinity College sells degrees or that other people buy degrees from it, but I wasn’t aware of or concerned with that. The point is that I got it for free and as an honorary degree.”

This is how Dawn presented his explanation on the PhD degree that he got from an Internet College: “Aamir Liaquat owes his ‘Dr’ label to his two poles-apart degrees; he got an MBBS from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro in 1995, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from an online university in 2002.

“Explaining the events that led him to pursue an online degree in Islamic Studies after completing his medical education, he says: “Before the events of 9/11, in 2000 there was a negative propaganda against Islam. This was the era of the Taliban, who were being labeled as terrorists by the West and were being portrayed as tormentors of the fair sex since they disallowed them to work or pursue education. It was during this time that I started my research work on the topic ‘Islam and Terrorism’ which is also available in book form.”

“Available for Rs200, the title of the book showcases a nuclear missile wrapped in the flags of Israel and India cruising towards Muslim countries, while the back cover has large-sized pictures of Osama and Al-Zawahiri splashed across.

“I worked very hard for over a year on this topic and, in fact, went on to complete 1,500 pages. After completing my research I decided to get it published somewhere so that the world would recognize my effort. For this purpose I contacted all the universities I could find on the net and sent my thesis to them.

“A number of them, which include the Ambassador University of Texas, Trinity College & University (Spain), Lincoln College, Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), appreciated my work. Out of these, two universities, the Ambassador University of Texas and the Trinity College & University, offered me honorary degrees on behalf of their faculty of arts, which I duly accepted.

“Even though I did work hard for a year on my thesis, I want to make it clear that I have never said that I have pursued a proper education program for my PhD degrees, which are just honorary entities awarded to me in appreciation of my effort,” he concludes.

It is what he said in these paragraphs that Dr. Fake has been caught lying through his teeth and making a fool of not only Dawn and its readers, but is trying to swim out of a pond full of his own lies and mud.

A quick recollection of facts will determine the mess he has now landed himself in.

Fact No. 1: On August 24, 2002 Dr Aamir presented his foreign degrees to the Registrar of Karachi and got his provisional approval on the same day. See Registrar’s letter The letter talks of “foreign degrees” so it is clear that Dr Aamir presented more than one foreign degree to get its equivalence. In fact he presented all the three degrees he had purchased from Trinity College, that of BA, MA and PhD.

Fact No 2: Dr Aamir admits in his Dawn interview: “True, I attached my honorary PhD degrees along with my other medical degree when I filed my nomination papers, but I ask, what’s wrong in that.” He had bought only one PhD degree from Trinity College which was authenticated by the Karachi University Registrar. The other two degrees he attached with his nomination papers, of BA and MA, were also authenticated by the Registrar. See copies BA | MA | PhD

Fact No. 3: He had no MBBS degree from Jamshoro University when he filed his nomination papers because if he had that degree, there was no need to rush to the Registrar with fake degrees, get a letter of authentication on the same day and try to break the Law of the land. This explanation is all an after-thought and it is possible as a Minister he may have managed to get a MBBS degree attached to his nomination papers in the Election Commission. In Pakistan everything is possible in the age of Enlightened Moderation.

Fact No. 4: Dr Aamir claims his PhD degree had nothing to do with his nomination papers. But why did he buy and present the BA and MA degrees to the Election Commission has not been explained by him and that is where he gets caught lying.

Fact No. 5: He says he got his MBBS degree in 1995 from Jamshoro College. But the BA Degree he got from Trinity College is dated 17 March 1995. Is this not a joke? It is an open fraud. How could Dr Fake do his MBBS from Jamshoro and his BA in Islamic Studies from Trinity College at the same time. Click to see BA Degree

Fact No. 6: Trinity College and University’s web address (URL) was registered under the name of: KSR Consulting,1403-1901 19 ST NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E4Y4, Canada. It was registered through: GoDaddy.com with these details: Domain Name: TRINITYEDUCATION.COM, Created on: 05-Jul-00, Expires on: 05-Jul-06, Last Updated on: 18-Feb-05.

Fact No 7: When the college itself was registered in 2000, and that too in Canada and not in Spain as Dr Aamir claims, although they do have a Spanish address, how can it issue a degree to Dr Aamir dated March 17, 1995. It is thus a fake degree and when Dr Aamir got it authenticated from the Registrar of Karachi University, he committed a criminal act, an outright fraud.

Fact No 8: The degrees Dr Aamir admitted he attached with his nomination papers for the 2002 election do not say anywhere that these are “Honorary” Degrees. In fact the PhD Degree states on its face in bold and capital letters: "The Trinity College has conferred upon Dr Aamir Liaquat the Degree, Rank and Academic Status, Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies.” It further adds: “All requirements of the Board of Regents and Examiners having been completed. All rights and Privileges thereunto appertaining are hereby awarded.” Is this the language of an Honorary Degree. See Face of Degree

Fact No 9: Trinity College offers an All-in-One Package to its customers for UK Pounds 500 (US$960) in which all three degrees, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate are offered together. This is what Dr Aamir purchased with the request to the college to put the 1995 date on his BA degree.

Fact No 10: Dr Aamir has not explained or clarified why would a commercial company selling its products to the rest of the world offer an almost 1000-dollar package free of cost to him making him an “Honorary” Doctor in a subject in which the College has no experience. What services did he render to the Trinity College and who is he trying to fool?

All these facts and evidence proves Dr Aamir is trying to justify one mistakes and one lie by committing more mistakes and offering more lies to the people. If this is his personal standard of morals and ethics, the irony is that he is the junior Minister for Religious Affairs and on the TV every day he teaches morals to the rest of the nation.

And now he claims that he has also been given the authority to issue 'Fatwas". May God help those who seek Fatwas from him and act on them as they would be following the words of an established "liar" and a "fraud" instead of an "Aalim" (a learned man). The authority given to him also shows how shallow and materialistic our other religious leaders are. For a few minutes of appearance on TV, they could make an Aalim out of a swindler.

Instead of coming clean and admitting that he committed a mistake, he now says dogs keep on barking and he does not care. After this overwhelming evidence which conclusively proves that he is a liar, a fraud and an unethical person, the people of Pakistan have to decide who is barking on the wrong tree.

South Asia Tribune stands by its earlier story. For the information of our readers we have received more than 1,500 Emails on our earlier story thanking us for exposing the fake Minister.

The writer of this article is a Karachi-based journalist and should not be confused with Mr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, Assistant Editor, Daily Dawn, Karachi.

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