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A view of the City of Hyderabad where the SCF was formed

Heart and Soul of Sindh Put Together Against Army Establishment

Special South Asia Tribune Report

HYDERABAD, Pakistan, February 19: Leading writers, intellectuals, politicians and technocrats of Sindh have put together the “heart and soul of Sindh” to resist what they call the destructive designs of General Pervez Musharraf and his Army against the smaller provinces of Pakistan.

At a meeting on Feb 15, those who gathered to express their deep concern and outrage sounded like a Who’s Who of Sindh. The list did not miss any big credible name, in almost any field and the intensity of their opinions and feelings marked the heightened state of anxiety and frustration with the civil and military Establishment of Pakistan, dominated by Punjab.

The meeting, the first to cut across political and other affiliations, announced the formation of a "Sindh Consultative Forum (SCF)" decided that the SCF will prepare the Sindh Agenda, would argue the National Case of Sindh, would collect the necessary data and would educate the general masses through write-ups, letters, documentaries, articles and press conferences.

The key speakers at the meeting spent quite some time on explaining the present national, international, economic and political situation with the help of facts, figures and charts and argued that the present Government was about to push Sindh and Pakistan into a an unmitigated disaster.

They said: "During the last 58 years of Pakistan, Sindh has been robbed and destroyed left, right and center and if not resisted through peaceful and democratic means, the Establishment will continue with its nefarious designs of destroying the province."

“Its remaining share of water will be taken away through dams built on River Indus, illegally and unconstitutionally for the sake of perpetration of power. Sindh government will remain in the hands of dummies and terrorists to a much worse extent than now and everything, from transfers and postings of peons to getting a simple job done, will be possible only through money, much like now, only on a scale unseen and unthinkable. A great disaster is about to be hit Sindh and Pakistan out of which they will be unable to come out."

The meeting was attended by the founder members of the "Sindh Consultative Forum (SCF)" including journalist GN Mughal, Ex-Senator Abdul Majeed Qazi, Former Provincial Secretary Agha Shahabudin, President Water Committee Rasool Bux Palijo, Opposition Leader and PPP MPA Nisar Ahmed Khoro, Economist Professor Mushtaq Mirani, Human Rights Lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo, Agricultural Expert Nazeer Memon, Aijaz Ali Hakro Advocate, Dr Ayoob Shaikh, President Indus Theatre and columnist A G Chandio, Professor Siraj Ahmed Siyal, Professor Najma Shaikh, Dr. Gulzar Jumani, Women Activist Zahida Shaikh, Aftab Bhutto Advocate, Women Activist Rehana Channar, Peasant and Minority Leader Wishnoo Mal, Educationist Dr Agha Taj, TV Director Atta Rajar and others.

The speakers said that the people of Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan have become wise to the fact that through unending conspiracies and treachery, the Governments have progressively robbed smaller provinces of their share of resources, jobs, finance and water.

The last 150 years are a litany of broken agreements, plain thefts and disadvantageous agreements thrust upon Sindh and upon 140 million poor people of Pakistan through puppet governments installed by the establishment.

The members of the SCF vowed that they have taken upon themselves the sacred duty of keeping the people of Sindh informed about all the mischievous anti-Sindh schemes that the Establishment keep springing up at regular intervals, at the behest, and for the sole advantage, of the ruling class of Punjab, in matters relating to unjust distribution of resources and revenues and the inequitable solution of the waters of the Indus River System.

Other invitees including Columnist Dodo Chandio, Sindhi Adabi Board Chairman Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo, MPA Makhdoom Jamil-u-Zaman, TV Director and Columnist Mushtaq Rajpar, Advocate Muzaffar Sadiq Bhatti, Writer Noor-ul-Huda Shah, MNA Manzoor Wassan, Women Activist Sahar Gul Bhatti, MPA Sassui Palijo, Professor Ameer Ali Qadri, Professor Mumtaz Bhutto, MPA Farheen Mughal, Columnist Humera Noor, Writer Yousif Shaheen, who could not attend this emergency meeting, also endorsed the idea of formation of the "Sindh Consultative Forum" and extended their full support to the cause.

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