Bourgeois Leftist Parasites


Declasse Parasites

*Travel around the world for free

* Earn money on talking about actions other people make

* Have no problem taking grants sponsored by taxpayer or corporate money

* Eat so much in restaurants because they can make decisions there without interruptions from "lifestyle anarchists"

*Never pay their own expenses


* Make good topics for speeches but bad speakers

* Show up just for free meals

* Never contribute anything to the theoretical basis of anarchisn

* Never pay their conference fees

* Give serious bourgeois activists a bad image

* Are likely to ruin the bourgeois parasites' deals with the police


Gets rid of parasites fast! Poisons champagne socialists! Paralyses careerist rats! Miraculous chemical reaction activates the brain cells of people who've consumed too much alcohol or glue. Effective in the fight against entrism. Amazing spray only attacks bad people. Not tested on animals.

Parasites of the world - unite or be exterminated!