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from peoples meeting in Resnik

IT WAS ENOUGH of humiliation and discrimination of us and our work by those who facticly runs the PGA process in Belgrade (they hold the PGA money, making rules of using the office and speaks in the name of PGA). Milan`s and Majda`s attitude blocking all further cooperation with us.

THOSE WHO HAS MONEY ARE MAKING RULES. We are against that capitalistic concept!

We don`t want to do something that someone has decided beside us. We don`t care about private phone calls from the abroad because we don't have bosses who giving us instructions. They could make a phonecall to God himself but we don't give a shit about it.

We are judging Milan`s pressures on our activist to move out from office in the center. We all have agreement that everyone who works on PGA process and don't have place to live are welcome to stay.

We don't tolerate forcing seriousness by those who are buorocratizing the PGA process in Belgrade and turning it into non-govermental organization with only one job of sending `balls dingling` statements.

We don't wanna to put our activities down because of PGA process. Those who left activism for building career now asking us why are we doing our own actions when there is conference job to do.

We do not wanna to be disrespected `cause of our approach to politic and life. We don't tolerate forcing orders and discipline `cause we are not in the army.

We shit on Andrej`s suptile threats with violence - we are ready even for that solution.

We are strongly against Ivana`s idea for paying people who works on PGA (translations, food workers, etc.), because we think if it is not based on volontery work then there is no need to have something like that.


We don't want to participate in Ivana`s dream of helding conference in big city kongres hall Sava center because we don't want to create picture of PGA like legacy of Tito`s and Milosevic`s politics.

Our next question is: Is it possible that there will be no money for cultural program (that was decided in London, without us)????

Then we think that it was big mistake spending money for travel cost from Belgrade to London, and now we don't have money for cultural part of conference.

There are many talking behind our back on changing location. We want to inform you all that some people planing to held PGA conference in Jajinci and Vozdovac instead of Resnik and Rakovica. They are already looking for alternative location, not because existing location is lost but because they have political connection with local goverment on other location.

Of course, they talk that no one turns back to Resnik, but facticly they are working nothing for the holding conference here.

FROM THIS MOMENT WE CANCEL ALL COOPERATION WITH PEOPLE LIKE THOSE!!! Of course, we don't want to make pressures on rest of our comrades who wanna continue to work with them because we think that this is on everyones concousness.

We want to put accent on very bad human relations in DSM. This is not question of diferent political opinion.

We will continue further cooperation inside PGA network only with collectives and individuals who are not discriminate us.

STOP imposed cooperation!!!

We will continue preparing of PGA conference in Resnik - Rakovica even without the money that they are helding now.

There is room for staying in our office in Resnik for everyone who wants to help for organisation of PGA conference.

We call you to support us !!!

People from Resnik involved in PGA process trought GDV, SUS, P.M.P.M. Crni Blok collectives from DSM coalition.


"Longer dem drag our feet - bigger we rise, stronger we grow."

-comment, stevphen: what does this mean? i've read this statement several times but it's very unclear to me. it's scattered with references to people and places that would only be known to those living in resnik, random accusations that don't make very much sense to me at the moment. i'm just confused more than anything by this. if this is the statement of the "official people's meeting," which people? how connected to PGA? maybe it's just me but I thought the idea of this space was for constructive debate - rather than seemingly radnom and imcompresenible ranting. - stevphen [at] mutualaid [dot] org

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Current Proposed Warning

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 current proposed text as on thursday evening 9/6/04

Warning: Peoples Global Action in Europe is run by bureaucratic cliques reproducing racist, sexist and pro-western, imperialist practices.

The issue is at the level of practice not unfulfilled ideologies.,,,well, couldn't disagree with you on that point...

first draft of proposed text...


Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven by racism, sexism and pro-western imperialism.

really? that's alright then...'riven' means torn apart or split, as in 'the tree had been riven by lightening', so, as most people contemplating finding out more about people's global action would probably not be in favour of bureaucratic cliques, they'll be very heartened to discover that this clique is on it's last legs...maybe the authors of this statement would consider changing the sentence by either removing the 'a' before bureaucratic and adding an 's' to the end of clique, or alternatively replacing riven with riddled, as in 'this piece of wood is riddled with woodworm', thus rendering it more grammatically correct and, i suspect, nearer to the meaning they intended...however, this would entail, ipso facto, the said authors admitting that they are sometimes mistaken...which, on examination of their email prose style, seems to be something they often find themselves ......................................................................(major change starts here ).....obliged to concede, and they indeed may even be given over to triolectical resolution of opposites

comment:while the internet is a swell place for the posting of thoughts and statements which might be difficult under circumstances where the person saying such is known, that condition does not mean whoever it is that is writing is free from providing evidence and information that backs up what they're saying. ok, so you think that PGA is run by "bureaucratic clique riven by racism, sexism and pro-western imperialism," can you provide some reasoning and information about why you this is so? if not then whether such is worth saying should take some re-thinking. stevphen (stevphen [at] mutualaid [dot] org)

Warning: Peoples Global Action in Europe is run by bureaucratic cliques reproducing racist, sexist and pro-western, imperialist practices.

The "gender working group for the european people's global action (PGA) conference in belgrade, july 2004" is an exclusionary organisation which is negotiating with the University of Amsterdam to receive funding so that the conference can become an EU experiment.

comment: again, statements such as this could use some supporting evidence. without such they are useless at best, and more than likely just harmful. this isn't to say that such is true / not true (although it does sound somewhat silly to me at the moment) but without anything backing it up it's just an allegation made by a nameless, faceless digital bit without anything to substantiate or disprove it. stevphen

 see [[gendertrouble mailing list]]

Also: from pga latin american process Aug 2003

Gender. It was clear that a bigger effor has to be done. Not only the international delegates were mainly men, but the gender issue was not enough brought out in the general disscusion. In the case of indigenous, unfortunately the women leaders that we expected, could not come and the "north" women that went there, we are not legitimeze because of being "white" and we were a desaster. Unfortunately in the gender workshop (process called in Latin America Nor Men Nor Women but just the Opposite), two "north" women (europe and usa) were completely taking over the discussion, and saying things like "feminist" are only women who hate men, or mistaking sex and sexuality (feminist for example is something, like the world gender, that comunity women don't use or understand. Many times they don't speak even spanish). A big desaster since the workshop it was supposed to be really basic in a basic language and methodology. The eternal problem.

The masculinity one it was quite better and even when the meeting was full of big machos, the results were quite good. Already since I arrived in Amsterdam, I received questions from some men asking for local support in the formation in the issue. The problem that we are dealing with is the necessity of "formators". I mean, men who can give workshops and formation in masculinity in rural communities. For the moment there is only one, and of course he can not be everywhere. There were a couple of men that want to be trained to became formators, but for the time being, we really are lacking of ways to do this training in permanent bases.

In the general disscussion, as I told above, because of most of the time the absence of indigenous feminist leaders, men as Marcial Arias could make his speech "on tradicion", imposition of wrong ideas by european white feminist and so on. But I think that anyway, as I said, at the end was quite positive.

It was also a very amazing thing that the "cacique" (tradicional authority of the comunity) of the embera community where the meeting took place, was a young woman who has being trained in some feminist issues, and who was very interested in the gender process of pga.

In October, "our formators" will go to Panama to give a local workshops to indigenous organizations in masculinity and feminist.

What is a formator? What is a superuser?

......i got a lot out of 'desire for change'...have you read it?...hopefully one day we will have the money to get it translated.

by the way, whoever put the shutters on the library windows this evening didn't check first and left one window wide open. it was the one nearest the door.

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