(Unsigned article on front page of PGA Newspaper, Jajinci, 24th July 2004)

Yesterday evening, people from the collective in Reznik enter the space. An English guy took offhis trousers and wipes his bottom with a PGA program in a dramaitc manner. This really annoyed some people who leave the room, a cup of tea is spilt over the Reznik collective . . .the meeting stops. It will start agian later The reason why people are so upset when the intervention is so funny is because people they know the people interrupting the meeting. These people would have been preventing the smooth functioning of the organization over the last six months mostly with matters concerning non-mixed spaces and they might also have written agressive letters to several individuals, they would have also destroyed collectives in England. Basically the people in Reznik were organizing the conference as part of DSM but a split occurred after the conference had to be moved to Jajinci due to lack of space in Reznik.

Some wanted to exclude the guy who wiped his ass, but what they did does not justify that. At teh same time, due to their past and his methods the question is pertinent. We have to keep in mind that we should not confuse that guyand with the ones from Reznik.

On top of this other groups are clearly and openly trying to undermine the conference. An intercepted email from the local Anarcho-syndicalist implies a view that the PGA is bad for the working class, also these people are organising a contra event together with local Stalinist and Trotskyist groups to discredit the political issues raised by the people around the PGA. That's why maybe lots of us would not come to this conference because of anti PGA junk mails.

This poses the question of "What's That Shit" or even what to do with these people? A collective solution must be found. Everyone should be aware that there are PGA opponents. It is a challenge to be able to react to these situations and at the same time in control of oneself.

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