Top Ten from PGA in Belgrade, Summer 2004

1. Breakdown of Consensus Decision Making

a. the adoption of the co-ordinating group/working group/task group hierarchical leiden model b. in london may meeting there was disagreement about having a plenary at both start of conference and daily, each morning.

2. Welcoming of Fascists at the conference.

and the 'let's get pissed with the local nazis' workshop.

3. NGO activity.

All such organisations should have their details made available to other conference participants.

4. Political Position Readers

Whilst most of the texts were signed, there was an unsigned text about the [gender debate] which contained disputed material - and any unsigned texts (eg the title of the collected edition) therefore represent the PGA as an organisation

5. Exclusion and suppression of local anti-capitalist groups

by PGA Convenors in DMS! (eg some members of GDV being totally cut off from funding and decision making so they were systematically humiliated into, for example, having to use copies of PGA Call as toilet-paper!)

6. Collaboration with the Police

Passports all handed in to the cops and co-ordination with regular patrol of local area.

7. EU-centricity

A conscious or unconscious strategy of exclusion of CIS and Eastern Europe. Disregard for this issue and reluctance to include Russian translations of any texts lead to less people from all of CIS than from one building in London.

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