From Institutional Racism To Flirting With Fascism

Confronting Institutional Racism in Peoples Global Action

Friday 15th October 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Followed by Sabbatai Zevi Benefit Party

@ London Action Resource Centre 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES. Phone: 020 7377 9088

We do not have, nor represent, one single unified position on the PGA.

We are however, all united in the knowledge of the PGA Europe organising process as un-transparent, non-participatory, and exclusionary. The organising process of the PGA conference in Belgrade has essentially been controlled by a hidden oligarchy. Because the organising process and methodology both in the UK and at the European level has not reflected the hallmarks and organisational principles which the PGA aspires to, the PGA Europe process is politically bankrupt.

However we wish to state clearly that we recognise, value and support the energy, diversity, and experiences of those involved with the PGA.

It is also important to say that some of us have tried to work inside the PGA process, fighting to "democritise" the PGA, and as such, much of our criticism is borne from experience and cannot be dismissed. Some of us believe that it is possible to rebuild the PGA to make it closer to the ideals it claims, and to build a truly participative process, others - after their experiences - believe this is simply not possible. Some of us wish to go further and say that the entire basis of the PGA is fundamentally illegitimate, that it only represents a space for the co-option of struggles, and that as such, it should be opposed. While others are aware of the problems within the PGA process but don't wish to be defined by them and are simply interested in working with organisational processes that are more authentic under the statement "another world is inevitable". We all however are united in our diversity and in our desire to act together in ways that respect these differences.

- we invite you to join us...

West India Zapatista

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PGA / ESF / LARC Report


Confronting Institutional Racism in the PGA at LARC

The meeting on confronting institutional rascism in the PGA was not attended by the many PGA organisers who were in London. In fact when I went to the Middle Sex Sessions I was told by most of the PGA organisers that they would not be coming. Neither would they send any apologies.

The LARC meeting, however, did draw LARC users and other interested parties. We discussed the possibilities and needs of a global conference and the PGA organisational process. We also discussed LARC's role as a PGA infopoint and why there were only LARC users at a PGA meeting here.

It would seem that while the European PGA Organisers are happy to promote a "A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker" They are less than happy to see this put into practice in confronting the practices of individuals and "Non Governmental" Organisations that operate within its own structure.


The meeting at LSE on Saturday was boycotted. The LSE is an imperial capitalist institution. Olivier who was speaking there, had already excluded us from the 'Fascilitating Consensus' meeting in Belgrade and has refused to discuss the reasons for this.


On Monday I went along to the Samba band meeting to develop understanding and a working process for the global conference in Nepal. However, I was asked to leave : although, just like the 'Fascilitating Consensus meeting in Belgrade' I hadn't even had the chance to introduce myself. In this event, since I am a LARC user I complied with these peoples wishes and removed myself from the meeting in order to fascilitate it.

I will be bringing this issue up at the next LARC user group meeting. We have tried to tackle the issue of institutional rascism in the PGA Europe organising process and have come against silence, censorship, denial and exclusion. Being the only Paki involved I find this astonishing. Being called 'white' by Trasgu , someone who obviously has alot of power in the PGA Asia process, I find it unacceptable.

A, We'Sex Zapatista