We did a web search on this, and it seems to be a part of Catholic Christianity:


Institute for Formators


Monastic Formators Program


or you can get your Diploma in Formative Spirituality

The name "Dharmaram"(Garden of Virtues) indicates the vision and inspiration of its founders that an authentic Christian life consists in the realization of Dharma in oneself and in the world. Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram is an ecclesiastical Institution of Higher Learning established by the congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, as an independent institute empowered to grant degrees, including Doctorate in Philosophy and Theology.


<i>About the Course The purpose of this one-year diploma course is to prepare competent formators who can foster growth and wholeness in the youth entrusted to their care. The course is organized in such a way, so as to help the participants to acquire the basic spiritual and psychological insights and skills essential for this ministry. The main areas of this programme include : Understanding of growth and development of the human person: An overall view of the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual development of the person with an emphasis on adolescence and early adulthood. Abnormal human development and preventive care. Training in the use of psychometrics for assessment of candidates.</i>

and http://www.dharmaram.com/dforms.htm