Anti-capitalists should keep a good distance from far right, if we are to achieve a broad inclusive movement of those in social struggle. And moves closer to them should be challenged.

All involved with or who care about the PGA are encourage to call for rescinding of minutes from recent European Conference in Belgrade which appears to note that there was group agreement to:

"In answer to the question about not being able to exclude members of fascist organisations, a fascist coming as an interested individual, respecting the hallmarks and whose behaviour during the conference was fine wouldn't be a problem."

Jajinci Interpretation

Although most who have had this pointed out to them agree this is sheer lunacy, there has been little effort from those who are involved with or care about PGA to openly challenged the line in these minutes.

It is not clear what sort of fascists are intended to be allow to PGA actions/conferences. But it is implied it will be those they recognise clearly as fascists rather than just being seen by some as fascists.

Do they mean those that embrace leaderless resistance such as David Myatt, who having made a tactical conversion to Islam may tactically bear the PGA Hallmark.

Do they mean National Anarchists? as promoted by Schnews:*/

Do they mean the pro ethnic cleansing Scottish Separatist Group? as also promoted in Schnews which linked to:*/

Or Serbian nationalists who threatened Croat attendees to PGA conference.

Or just any fascist who seems interested.

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