Seminar – CUSU Lounge
1pm, FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER 2018


The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism by weapons, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.

The Gweagal spear – mysteriously launched in 1770 during that initial battle between humanity’s oldest and youngest civilisations – the Gweagal clan of the abOriginal Oztralians and the leutenant (not captain) cooke of the ascendant bourgeois British state – is now active again.

After hundreds of years this battle is once more raging. Kooman, who held the spear that day on Bottany Bay when the british used used their technologically advanced weapons on the people as they sailed into the bay, now returns through Rodney to all of us here. However it is not technology ie capital or even empire ie land that is truly superior. It is labour – our human efforts – our common humanity and indeed global working class identity in its many contradictions that prevails.

By grasping this spear we make this intervention into the continuing colonial and genocidal policies of the european bourgeoise of and in australia or briatin or anywhere else.

Trinity college, whose king’s sword is but a table leg, hold onto the Gweagal spear, at once gaining ligitimacy as a keeper of ancient artefacts and legitimising wholesale physical and psychical spiritual looting, as the Spear of Destiny a liturgical implement used to cut the body of the lamb, it is from the the spear’s cut that the blood and water of empire flows from the body of God. If the bourgeoisie have become as gods for themselves and for us then the Gweagal spear has truly pierced its side.



it is no coincidence that the Gweagal spear is held onto by Trinity when it and the rest of the University of Cambridge have direct and indirect investments in arms manufacturers as well as extractive companies such as the mining company Rio Tinto. This is instrumental in in mining in Autralia and all over the Pacific. They have recently made fresh incursions into Aboriginal traditional lands in the the Kakadu National Park, one of the world’s most important and delicate wildlife havens which is being wiped out with Uranium mining there. Another example is the Bougainville Civil War, which was provoked by the continued water contamination and environmental destruction of Rio Tinto’s mining operations, killing 15 per cent of Bougainville’s human population. Rio Tinto is one of the most popular companies on the list of colleges’ unethical investments. Their celebrated “aboriginal owned” Bauxite mine in the Northern territories is nothing but self managed destruction. This is a continuing genocide and colonisation of the Pacific ocean islands and Oceania.

With rising sea levels, islands on the Pacific being continually deforested and seas being over fished, island life, species diasapearing all around Australia is continuing to be dominated by the British and european bourgeoisie. The decolonisation of these lands – and Australia as key to this – MUST begin to allow free migration and movement of people across Asia and the Pacific and especially of Melanesian, Micronesian, Polynesian and Aboriginal peoples


> Release the Gweagal Spears

> Support the return of the Gweagal sheield by the British Museum

> Provide no strings support, financial and otherwise of an, autonomous and aboriginal lead and run, educational and cultural centre near Botany Bay for the housing of the artefacts and education and self organisation of peoples

Seminar – CUSU Lounge

1pm, FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER 2018


Trinity College Repatriate the Gweagal Spears

Lets stand up and unite and tell Trinity College to Repatriate the Gweagal Spears taken from my people on the 29th of April 1770 by James Cook and his crew the Gweagal Spears are very significant and belong home in Australia

1pm to 3pm

SUNDAY 29th April 2018

Trinity College Cambrigde


Protest at MAA and Trinity: 4/11/17

Protest at MAA and Trinity:

12pm, Saturday 4th November 2017

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

University of Cambridge, Downing Street, CB2 3DZ

Please join us in protest outside the Museum where we will hold a demonstration, followed by a march to Trinity College. You are encouraged to bring instruments and loud halers for music, speeches and chanting!





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Seminar at Pembroke College

Rodney will be giving a presentation on the Gweagal Spears:

Come along and hear about the history of the artifacts held at the MAA and the British Museum as well as the plans for their repatriation and subsequent use as living artefacts to increase the education and emancipation of their original owners.

Other speakers will also talk about Decolonisation movements both in the UK and all around the world.

We will have opportunity for questions and further discussion on the day.

Please contact us if you would like to speak or further information.

7pm, Tue 31st October, 2017

Old Library, Pembroke College

Next steps

We are planning the next stage in the campaign for October 2017 when term staarts at the university. Rodney will be back in Cambridge to give lectures and hold talks.

You can contribute to the travel fund here:

Contact us if you would like to host a talk at your school, college or university department – or help out in another way.

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