The publications are situgraphic - no top nor bottom settled, neither left nor right sides fixed. Every page could be considered to be the first.The 8 page newspaper combines texts and images in hypergraphic and situgraphic form by the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique.


DAMTP congress newspaper issue 1 [Solstice Issue 411 MKC/ XMAS 2010/ ASHURA 1432/ 10 TEVET 5771]  Available online at:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 2 [Spring Equinox 411 Rabi 'll 1432 - Fast of Esther/ Purim 5771]:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 3 [MAyday 2011]:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 4 [Summer Solstice ISOU DEATH Issue / June 28th, 2011 / Situationist International Founding DAY at Cosio d'Aroscia (Italy)]:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 5 [The Psychic Occupation - Psychogeographical Passover Edition] :

DAMTP newspaper issue 6 [counterbiennial motivational edition. 2012] :

DAMTP newspaper issue 7 [2012///Autumn Equinox///Psychic decolonization///Alytus meeting]  publication which critically engages with Art Biennales around the world - this time pdf's in pieces:

DAMTP newspaper issue 8 [2014///Spring Equinox edition] publication of some materials from Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial: DesaKalaPatraGraph, Tazreen garments factory fire's issues, continuing French colonialism in Africa, Asemic International and address to psychic workers of Uruguay: