DEad WOrkers Union (DEWOU-DAMTP)

DEWOU-DAMTP was never founded so far. DAMTP was founded on the basis of Alytus Art Strike meeting in 2009 and because of troubles DEWOU to be accepted as 000 IU at IWW (the section to include precarious 010 , unwaged 020 and unemployed 030 workers). The IWW classify workers industrially from 100-600, under three main categories of industry of a modern, capitalist economy: extraction of materials, production of goods, and provision of services. This very roughly corresponds with the use of Land in the 3rd World (100 Agriculture, 200 Mining), Labour in the 2nd World (300 Construction, 400 Manufacture) and Capital in the 1st World (500 Transportation 600 Services). Since this system is from the early 1900s when the international Communist movement was in its first amplic phase, capital production has further developed. 2004’s IWW Commitee on industrial classification recommended that the classification be altered in order to account for this development. However this would have expanded the representation of workers in the First World (in Capital intensive production) , effectively mirroring the amplification of bourgeois control in the form of Enterprise as the 4th factor of production and Entrepeneurship as an industrial locus of workers. In 2012 IWW HQ officially distanced themselves from DAMTP as 007/700 and DEWOU-DAMTP 000 IU’s so further dividing part of IWW’s into Illegitimate Workers of the World branch.

Mirusiųjų darbininkų sąjunga nebuvo niekada įkurta. 2009 m. DAMTP buvo įkurtas susidūrus su sunkumais įtraukti į dar nuo 1900 m. naudojamą Pasaulio pramonės darbininkų sąjungos struktūrą papildomas klasifikacines sritis prekariatui, nelegaliems darbuotojams, bedarbiams ir mirusiems darbininkams. 2012 m. IWW štabas viešai atsiribojo nuo DAMTP ir DAWOU-DAMTP paskelbdami juos Pasaulio darbininkais nelegalais (Illegitimate Workers of the World – taigi vis dar IWW).