Non Grata
Ketvirtadienis, 09 Gruodis 2010 22:19

[due to the NON GRATA (Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Moggelitoo / Dionysos Monroe) performance at Invisible Cottage, Flagstaff, Arizona]


We have come a long way to be here today…

I am not talking about our 2500 mile drive from Miami…

I am talking about our journey, all of our journey to be free

Free free free

Free of the constraints put upon our souls that would strive to suffocate our spirits and enchain us to the machine of standardized production and standardized choices for our spirits.

Let me tell you about Cheun Chen, a Chinese artist who sold his house and used the money to create the biggest festival of performance art in the world which took place in China in 2009. Cheun Chen is true to his journey. He now lives homeless, often eating out of trash cans, or eating nothing but noodles, traveling the world as a prophet of the creative dream, on a quest for the truth of the creative space that we all share.

If you die without The Church of Non Grata you will go to hell- the hell of not living with the true light of freedom that is inside every one of us.

Skaityti daugiau...