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Chers artistes de la Biennale de Dakar,

Je vous écris en tant que collègue. J'ai rejeté le rôle de l'artiste et deviennent les données des mineurs Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP)

DAMTP a été formée à partir de la grève biennale d'art de 2009 grâce à des discussions avec les Industrial Workers of the World. Ainsi, certains travailleurs d'autres sont aussi les DAMTP.

Notre objectif spécifique pour le moment consiste à attaquer la suprématie blanche, le patriarche et la culture bourgeoise. Ces problèmes existent dans l'art - et même dans le mouvement de protestation des artistes contre
le système de l'art.

Nous allons vous aider à résister à la marchandisation

Nous vous aiderons dans votre révolutionnaire devient

Nous allons vous aider à développer votre travail au niveau international

La grève d'art en 1970 Grève artistique de New York contre le racisme, la guerre et la répression a été organisée par des artistes masculins exclusivement blancs. Il a été contrecarrée à la fois par les étudiants et les artistes femmes pour Black Art Libération (WSABAL), qui a réussi à ouvrir l'action de protestation pour les femmes et les personnes de couleur.

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Parašė Pavlos Hatzopoulos and Nelli Kambouri   

The discourse on migration in Athens is anchored to three propositions that are often shared by both the pro-migration and anti-migration positions.

1. The Centre: The first proposition is that migration is constituted as a problem primarily in the Centre of Athens. Contrary to the conceptualization of migration as a movement, whose form and impact are dispersed, migration becomes condensed in a specific bounded location, a near static phenomenon that can be easily identified and mapped in Cartesian geographical terms. Anti-migration arguments concentrate on a “kick the migrants out of the centre of Athens” position, while pro-migration on a “we need to design social policies for the improvement of the social conditions and the infrastructures in the centre of Athens” stance. In both cases, dealing with migration is associated with the claim that something “needs to be done” with the Centre of Athens.

If we were to map the discourse of migration in Athens we would simply have to fill a bright colour (a red perhaps to represent occupation or racist conflict) a large chunk of the centre of the city, leaving the rest of the urban space untouched.

2. The city as a cell: The second proposition (which is linked to the first) is that migration threatens the city’s historical, cultural and geographical core, its very essence. The city becomes, along these lines, conceptualized as a cell. In racist rhetoric, the centre of the cell is seen as being invaded by alien and hostile forces. The bio-medical metaphors do not stop there, as migrants are routinely associated with the spread of contagious diseases. At the same time, migrants become the (conscious or unconscious) agents of a violent invasion that threatens the historical continuity of the city – (i.e. the centre is usually referred to as “historical”). Migrants colonizing the centre of the Athenian cell disrupt its history by squatting in neo-classical houses, by praying to Allah next to Christian Churches, or simply by inhabiting public squares decorated with nationalist statues. Simultaneously, migrants threaten the future of Athens because they prevent its gentrification – which is symbolically linked to a process of Europeanization. As a characteristic example we could mention, here, the constant moaning of the Athenian free press over the failed plans of ambitious developers, bar and loft owners who have lived for many years abroad in London, New York, Paris and Kabul and are prevented from modernizing the centre of the city cell by a combination of factors including inadequate government policies for policing and for facilitating the gentrification of the centre, the absence of public and private investment funds and the spontaneous and uncontrollable spatial invasions by undocumented migrants (and drug users).

Ironically, this approach is also reproduced by many anti-racist groups’ startegies which are organized as if control was localised and centralised and can be combated with localised counter-measures (actions in solidarity with the migrants in particular public squares) reproduce this fixation on centralisation and localisation.

3. Digitalization as a means of centralised control.

Digitalisation becomes in this context a strategy for centralizing the control of the problem of migration. If migration is localizable and static and the city is a cell, then its surveillance and policing by the contemporary mechanisms of control is possible. The city centre has become populated by private or state security cameras for surveillance, all newly constructed or renovated buildings come with smart cards for the safety of homeowners and electronic systems for protecting their multiple gates and walls, aiming to shell off the mobilities of the unauthorised migrant users of the space. Digitalization embodies the desire for building an armour that will seal and protect the Athenian cell from migration.

Again, anti-control practices become often trapped in this discourse of the cell. Practices that include the destruction of digital devices, such as the demolition or painting over of CCTV security cameras.

In the rest of the paper, we will try to move from the cell to the network, arguing that the digitalization of migration is not a result, a response, or an attack to the “sealing” of the Athenian cell but is part of an altogether different form of configuration of the space of the city. In order to address the current debates, we argue that the answer to the racist conflict that has emerged in Athens can originate from an alternative mapping of the city and its migrant mobilities – a mapping that takes into account the fact that

a) Migration is by definition an unbounded social movement,
b) Athens is no longer a cell (if it ever was) but an interconnected network, and
c) Migrants mobilities privilege the operation of ad hoc networks

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Parašė okk/raum29   

 [English version to come soon]

  • Allgemeine Erklärung des Begriffs:



als solche versteht man:

Die systematische Anwendung von Begriffen, Symbolik, und Artefakten von totalitären, faschistischen oder faschistoiden Bewegungen in Zusammenhang mit linkem, sozial(istisch)em Gedankengut und dessen Versuch einer „Vermarktung“ (im (weitestgehend) kommerziellen Sinn).

Dies bedeutet zum Beispiel wenn man durch eine antirassistische Idee(Deutschland schafft es ab), mit SA –Rhetorik (Buchsammelaktion) ,Wasser auf die Mühlen des Versuchs lenkt, die rassistische Position á la Sarrazin, als Opferposition darzustellen, welche man zwar als rassistisch wahrnimmt, jetzt aber gegen ein vermeintlich viel schlimmeres Übel und diskriminierendes Moment, wie es eine Bücherverbrennung ist, in demokratischen Schutz nehmen muss.

A.   Einleitung: (Moskau)

  • Media Impact


September 2011, während der Aufbauarbeiten der „Media Impact“ Ausstellung zur 4. Biennale Moskau erreicht alle Aktivisten eine Brandmail von der Gruppe "Voina" zum Boykottaufruf der Biennale.

Sie seien als Mitglieder aufgelistet, aber nicht eingeladen worden und das präsentierte Material sei von Agenten des Geheimdienstes gestohlen worden, also nicht rechtens verwendbar und die Kuratoren sind ebenfalls, (zumindest von) Agenten (bestellt) und die Teilnehmer allesamt Marionetten des Putinsystems, die lediglich auf Karriere aus sind.

Jepp … merci auch … war die erste Ladung an Austausch, mit der ich mich zum ersten Mal nach Osten wagte ... Ist natürlich alles Bullshit gewesen, aber ihre mediale Kampagne hat wohl erst einmal geklappt! … bis …

zur Erklärung: die Voina Gruppe ist kurz nach dem" ruhmreichen Phallus" auseinander gegangen (2009) und hat sich (inoffiziell) in zwei Fraktionen aufgeteilt die St. Petersburger Fraktion unter Vorotnikow, Sokol, Pluster Sarno, etc. und die Moskauer Fraktion unter Pyotr Verzilov und Nadezhda Tolonnikova (Pussy Riot). Beide Fraktionen bestehen als Mitgründer der Gruppe auf den Namen ... also eine reine Künstler-Ego Geschichte, sprich juristisch eine banale Copyright Sache, die hier medial als der ehrenhafte Kampf gegen die Korruption umgemünzt und instrumentalisiert wurde!

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Parašė Howard McCalebb   

Unsanctioned” is a self declared event of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2012), initiated by the African-American artist Howard McCalebb.


Polish artist Artur Żmijewski is the curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale. He appointed the Voina group from Russia and Joanna Warsza from Warsaw, Poland as Associate Curators, who have worked together with him to develop the concept and the program.


Unsanctioned is an art event that is to take place throughout the city of Berlin, as an “unsanctioned” event of the 7th Berlin Biennale to include and represent “artists of color.” All artists of color (Black, Asian, Latin–American, and or “mixtures”) are invited to join Unsanctioned as a guerrilla action to protest the systematic exclusion of marginalized social identities (artists of color), residing and working in Berlin, from participation in mainstream Berlin art institutions. This guerrilla action is a staged incursion into this important Berlin cultural event, through self-inclusion. It is an action to expose the hypocrisy of the fake “radicalism” that the 7th Berlin Biennale is assuming and posing.


Time and again, we are subjected to these so-called radical art world hipsters, who use institutional power to stage ersatz art world rebellions. The art world hipster and his fake authority defying stunts, only pretends to be a progressive with radical views on political, economic, and social reform. A true reformist rebels against the self-perpetuating theater of the opinion-making organs of cultural authority. When the prevailing norm is obsolete and or cannot be justified on moral grounds, progressive minded people must take action. Progressive Liberalism is not just sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll - it involves real world insights that are a necessary confrontation with the status quo. There is a necessity to question the predispositions of institutional authority. The program of the 7th Berlin Biennale does nothing of the sort. It continues the policies of exclusion.


Unsanctioned is a call to “litter” the city of Berlin with “unsanctioned” publicly performed or placed artworks!


Join us in this campaign.

Please spread this information via your personal channels.


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Parašė Season For Treason   

We've been mining (St Petersburg) Voina / Zhmijewski and the popular stupid heroic tendencies they adopt, and found too many Querfront stuff or links with Limonov's Nazbol to be ignored! We've been in communication with Voina and they never want to admit their involvement with the Nazbol - even though huge efforts are put in fighting for their causes! (While at the same time, gang hesitates to show support for PUSSY RIOT http://freepussyriot.org/, one of whom being their former ally and later "provocator/parasite" of Moscow Voina Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.) People around Voina appear to employ sensationalist tactics in communication and "collaboration" with their main goals seemingly being "to attract admiration of intellectuals all over the world" (sick!); Elitist gang, which practices "vertical relationships during actions" and allies themselves to fascist organizations also adopts the models of 19th century romantic nationalist anarchism as promulgated by the groups PR guy Alexei Plutser-Sarno in FREE VOINA website: http://en.free-voina.org/about ("Goals and objectives of  the Art-Group Voina in the period 2008-2010") --- obviously this is not a joke but a marketing move; We've also been in contact with people from Pussy Riot - they let us present their material in the show, but refused to elaborate on the issues discussed; We've sent a set of questions to Plutser-Sarno, too, only to receive smartly convenient "i don't know what the f* I write in my blog" (quote: . Not just VOINA actions and statements (including "gift for the political prisoners, a car burnt in support of people in prison - around half of the listed were involved in one or another fascist organization ---), but also Plut's personal livejournal is thrashed with "Nazbol Art"

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Parašė Season For Treason   

[Scroll down for German]


The Concept

2012 is the Season for Treason is to critique the discourse of Berlin Biennale 7, provide a platform to discuss and point to the cultures persistently denied by and opposed to the establishment. BB7 main curator Artur Żmijewski is known for flirting with fascist querfront strategies for spectacular simulation and the co-curators Voina express a ridiculous personalist anarchism as a new version of careerism in the art world (for example, see statements on Voina website here). We will also attempt to express the existing struggles/cultural alternatives to establishment biennalization concepts in case of collaboration with AMO books (a critical human rights organization for the African critical Dispora and critical people in Germany, Berlin) DATACIDE/PRAXIS (countercultural zine/breakcore record label), PUSSY RIOT (a female collective whose members are facing court charges in Russia, whose agenda stands a little at odds with the hierarchical macho organization of Voina). A dialogue with participants and audience of BB7 will be established. We will realize an exhibition (graphics, text, video material, performance, etc.) and frame program (panel discussions / lectures / artist –talks) parallel to the days of the biennale in the project space OKK/Room29 in Berlin Wedding.

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Parašė Season For Treason   

Major art event in the German capital Berlin Biennale 7 (starting April 26) features a number of highly controversial elements in both its concept and selected curatorship. The ideology of biennalization as well as its blind spots are addressed by various collectives and presented in Organ Kritischer Kunst (http://www.kritische-kunst.org/ ) in the form of talks, performances and exhibition.

at OKK /Raum 29
Prinzenallee 29
13359 Berlin

Video / Aktion / Research / Performance / Grafik / Installation / Vorträge / Diskussion

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Parašė DAMTP   


خريطة ليست أراضي

At 2PM starts the May Day march-manifestation round over Alytus downtown streets followed by proletarian manifestations in the squares, cemetery interruption to grab dead workers (including the dead revolutionary and psychic worker Vytautas Ledas – May Day is his birthday) from their graves, and then drifting through Alytus city park-forest.

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Parašė DAMTP   

Images of state institutions with graffiti of the names of people who have
been killed by those states have appeared on the net supposedly from
Googlemaps. Rumours of whether these have been removed by Googlemaps are
unconfirmed – or whether these images were faked to begin with.

КОНОВАЛОВА И КОВАЛЕВА at the Belarus Embassy in London:

SIPHO JELE at the Swaziland Embassy in London:

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Parašė Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)   

Spanish unions are united as never before in their mobilization against labour law 'reforms' which gut workplace protection and trade union rights and in defense of public services. A 24-hour national general strike has been called for March 29.

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Parašė DAMTP   

Relatives of Kovalev received a message from the Supreme Court sent on the 16th of March, 2012. Certificate abiout the fact of the death sentence's execution was sent to home address of Kovalev's in Vitebsk.

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Parašė DAMTP   


हड़ताल                                                             ہڑتال

प्रहार                                                               پرہار

विरोध – हड़ताल                                                 مخالفت - ہڑتال

तेल की खोज                                                   تیل کی تلاش


We took part in the biggest ever strike known to human history in February 28, 2012. The results were mixed and muted – not much written but here are some thoughts. Some of the debate around the strikes tended to polarise – i.e. create a 2 dimensional situation – a spectacle. e.g.


हड़ताल  / बंद


Hartal ہڑتال /  हड़ताल  means strike – Bandh बंद means CLOSE or CLOSED. Both are used to denote a General Strike. Different people referred to it differently for political reasons.

In west Bengal the government referred to a bandh because bandh was banned in 1998. Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee for West Bengal – having called for bandhs herself when in opposition as leader of Trinamool Congress now apologised for this. Mamata of course should not be confused with Subodh Banarjee who popularlised the Ghereo – the encirclement of politicians or government offices until workers’ demands are met.


Hartal meaning strike has been a civil disobedience method used against British rule as well as against Princely state form in India for centuries. The action of stopping work also was used on the death of a leader or of many people as acts of mourning. Another variant which is common in Hindi-speaking regions is the bhukh hartal which translates as hunger strike.


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Parašė Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)   

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site


more on the issue: عرس URS MUBARAK AT QABAR OF RAHMAT ALI CHAUDHRY 2012 عرس

Parašė Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)   

Today we join the biggest strike ever known - No psychic and electronic communication is to be undertaken for the purposes of work: This should include all Electronic mail, text messaging, w...ebmail, internet communication VOIP or telephony etc. Also to include any psychic communication with persons or beings dead, undead, alive or as yet unborn.

Communications are to be directed against the bosses and rulers.

This works as a real attack on capitalist production and allows individuals to join a general strike in wildcat style.

But it can be undeclared - bosses never know if it is by accident or not. Either way capitalist production is attacked on a global scale.

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Parašė Karen Karnak   

I watched this play with horror - written by a white middle class woman it deals with racism sexism and youth in London and therefore I expected it to be problematic but I was not expecting this. It is an outright attack on working class people - on black men in particular. It effectively blames black men for the ills of society - at a time when we are being attacked by the police to such an extent that there have been mass uprisings in London and across major English cities last summer.


In the play it is the anti-racist legislation - the hard earned and fought for scraps of legal self defence that we have won in this country since the 60s that are seen as the problem. Racism is presented as a myth!

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Parašė Lipovy Tsvet   

[translation from Russian]

There appeared the site dedicated to the cause of Konovalov and Kovalev site http://kazni.net/ . As we know, there are still about two months to do everything possible to save the guys. All this information is on the site [all in Russian]. The site that is very important, especially as the accumulation of information on the case of K&K, from which evident that the case was fabricated. That of particular interest is the page: http://kazni.net/voprosy_bez_otveta/ Therefore, we request everybody:
- Who has the ability, time, desire, strength - please feel free to spread information about this site and more about the issues that remain unanswered
- If there is a possibility of publishing in some European media - it would be great!
- We are now thinking about how it could be published, it is problematic issues such as a single-issue newspaper to give to people. Circulation is needed - at least 1,000 copies. To extend in Minsk, it is very important that people keep talking about the K&K. Lukashenko is afraid to take responsibility, when everybody the talk and the talking increase. And the time is still in our favor. And all that we can do is stretch the time before the execution as far as possible. If you have an opportunity to promptly publish such a reversal in Lithuanian, English, or any other language - it would be great.
4. We would welcome any assistance in informing and giving the publicity to the fabricated case of K&K.


A week before the sentencing on the site of Belgazeta was announced on-line conference with the chief state prosecutor Mr. Aleksei Stuk on the case of Konovalov & Kovalev. However, hundreds of questions asked to the prosecutor have remained unanswered. Due to some reasons beyond his control Aleksei Stuk could not participate in this online conferences. We give here the most frequently encountered and verifiable.

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Parašė Lipovy Tsvet   

Появился важный сайт http://kazni.net/ Сайт, посвященный делу Коновалова и Ковалева. Как нам стало известно, есть еще около двух месяцев, за которые стоит попробовать сделать все возможное, чтобы спасти ребят. Вся эта информация есть на сайте. Сайт этот очень важный, в первую очередь, как аккумуляция информации по делу КиК, из которой даже идиоту становится понятно, что дело КиК сфабриковано. Особый интерес вызывает вот эта страница на сайте http://kazni.net/voprosy_bez_otveta/ Поэтому, у нас к вам человеческая просьба:

1. У кого есть возможность, время, желание, силы - распространите пожалуйста информацию об этом
сайте и в большей степени о вопросах, которые остались без ответа

2. Если есть возможность перевода на английский и публикации в каких-то европейских СМИ - это будет супер!

3. Мы сейчас думаем, как это можно опубликовать, именно проблемные вопросы в виде такой газетки на один разворот и раздать людям. Тираж нужен - хотя бы 1000 экз. Чтобы распространить по Минску, очень важно, чтобы люди продолжали говорить о КиК. Лукашенко очень боится брать на себя ответственность, когда все говорят и начинают говорить еще больше. А время играет пока в нашу пользу. И все, что мы можем, это растягивать это время до казни насколько хватает возможностей и сил. Если у вас есть возможность в кратчайшие сроки издать такой разворот на литовском, английском, либо любом другом языке - это будет тоже супер.

4. Мы будем рады любой помощи по информированию и приданию огласке сфабрикованного дела КиК.

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Parašė DAMTP   

On January 13th, 2012 Czech artist Martin Zet under the protection of Berlin Biennale ideologists published a call collect the copies of an openly racist anti-muslim Thilo Sarazzin‘s “Deutschland schafft sich ab” book from the German readers. This would be done through the established network of collection points around the country. Collected copies of the book would be then used to compose sculptures. After the Biennale show is over, the books are supposed to be recycled for better purposes. As a result of such proposal, Martin faced a blast of furious counter-reaction from both media and the public (for example

The Heinrich Heine slogan „Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen“ ("Those who burn books will end up burning people") is embraced by neo-Nazis resisting the suppression of their “democratic freedom of speech“. One thing was Heine‘s point of view, but the true social-Darwinism doesn’t proceed "backwards" – those who have burned people once don't step back to burn books again. In Germany today they don’t burn books but still burn people, like Oury Jalloh (born in 1968 in Kabala, Sierra Leone, killed on the 7th January 2005 in the police cell in Dessau, Germany; see http://thevoiceforum.org).

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Parašė ekspertai.eu   

[DAMTP comment: the appeal was addressed to the Embassies of neighbouring countries, EU Member States, Norway, Canada, the USA and international organisations, and served as Invitation for Lithuanian institutions and individual persons, as well as the Lithuanian communities worldwide, to join in this appeal. Furthermore, the same state security, law, justice and mass information structures showed interest in hiding the hugest scandals during the last years and sophisticated it‘s real issues. The investigations on many cases as collapsed Nuclear Power Station building project – LEO LT, or Vilnius - European Cultural Capital 2009 program‘s laundering and many many others – those cases still even not started to be revised. Also worth to be pointed out that support of this particular case is consciously devaluated by the Lithuanian bourgeoisie – the supporters are treated being some lowerest class, while majority of „cultural“ people are distancing themselves from the case. We think this case essentially reveals the modus operandi of law enforcement authorities and the whole state power apparatus (including cultural) and not only in Lithuania.].

We are urgently referring to you for international help with regard to a girl victimised by the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities. She is seven years old and her story is extremely dramatic.

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Parašė DAMTP   

Привет друзья,


да, вы правы, но гораздо жестче проблема есть отчуждение художника от просто свободного человека - и это только маленькая часть тотальной буржуазно-капиталистической специализации - по большему счету художник ни чем не отличается от политика - обе специализации есть про тотальной краже - большинство людей отчуждены от того, что принадлежит каждому свободному человеку - право на причастноть на принятие решений и право на свободу самовыражения.


Это и есть главной изходной точькой алитусских инициатив и худзабостовок. Кстати зрелищность не только (обычно) не придает еффективности, но наоборот - ваш реальный риск превращает в спектакль.


Это и есть почему мы приняли решение не идентифицироваться с артмиром и назвали себя с почетом самому нижнему пролетарьянскому слою - психические рабочие (те, которые создают смысл и требует контроля им диспонировать) и шахтеры данных.


Наша цель - всеобщая забастовка, а не привилегии для прослойки буржуазных художников и активистов!


Свобода возможна или сразу для всех или это просто очередная буржуазная привилегия. Все довольно сложно, но разберемся!


Свободного Нового Года!

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Parašė Lipovy Tsvet   

Самоцензура и политкорректность - вот от чего необходимо избавляться художнику в первую очередь. Но избавление самого художника (самым ярким примером стал жест Дениса Лимонова в письме "Преступление совести") не есть избавление общества. Поиском и реализацией новых
художественных и провокационных жестов, направленных на вскрытие этих двух злокачественных опухолей нашего общества группа "Липовый цвет" займется в Новом году!

С Наступающим вас, дорогие друзья! Желаем в новом году избавляться от этих вредных привычек!))))

ваши Кэт, Юлий, Ира, Денис!



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