Martin Zet


(born 1959) is an artist and noble man living in Libušin – Little apple of the world. Is characteristic of Martin Zet that he doesn’t like to elaborate and present his professional biography, though he loves to read the professional biographies of others...Also he has a bad fate with applications for institutions (for grants, job, competitions etc). Usually associated with ZCCA-Libušin.

ZCCA-LIBUSIN is the (ussually) non-profit organisation founded 14 October 1998 in Libusin, Czech Republic. Beside publishing the magazine Z-ART it deals with essential research of „value-price“ and „strange-normal“ problematics and is active also in other fields. One of its most ambitious aims is trying to find missing or forgotten points in visual art part of spectrum of human culture to help to again connect disconnected.


yra menininkas ir geras žmogus, gyvenantis Libušine – pasaulio mažajame obuolyje. Jam labai būdinga nekaupti savo biografijos faktų ir jų nepateikinėti, bet jam labai patinka pasiskaitinėti kolegų profesionalias biografijas… Be to jam labai nesiseka su paraiškomis ir konkursais (darbui, stipendijoms, parodoms etc). Sietinas su ZCCA-Libušin. 

ZCCA-LIBUŠIN yra (dažniausiai) nepelno siekianti organizacija, įsteigta 1998 m. Libušine, Čekijos Respublikoje. Be žurnalo Z-ART leidybos ji užsiima “vertė-kaina” bei “keistas-normalus” problemų paieškomis ir sprendimais, bet yra aktyvi ir visai kitose srityse. Pats ambicingiausias organizacijos tikslas – atrasti trūkstamus arba pamirštus galus žmogiškosios kultūros vizualaus meno dalies spektre ir taip padėti sujungti tai, kas jau senokai atjungta.

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Here are 3 studies of the renewed symbol of art strike (made with deep respect to source image and with high disdain to traditions) + this letter is an example (manual) how to place it/them in official letters.


(I think the original 2 hands breaking the brush should develop following the logic of trialectics.)

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ZCCA-Libusin in STRIKE
Trečiadienis, 24 Gruodis 2008 16:52


To:  All who might be concerned

and especially to Redas Diržys  


From: Martin Zet, ZCCA-Libušín October 7, 2008 in Libušín 

Dear Redas Diržys, and all impatient folks,  as part of celebrating the 10 years anniversary of founding ZCCA-Libušín (which nobody, including me, noticed) we got to point of crucial change of our existence:  From this day the Libušín branch of ZCCA-Libušín is in unlimited strike. This strike can be considered to be part of the ART STRIKE activities coming form ASAC-Alytus, STASAC-Alytus, in which also our LEFT LITHUANIAN WING can play some role. 


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Z Confidential
Trečiadienis, 24 Gruodis 2008 16:13

Martin Zets reaction to official documents relating to art strike 2009 Alytus initiative – mainly to the Second Resolution Concerning an Art Strike in Opposition to the Declaration of Vilnius as the 2009 EU City of Culture

I – hereby mentioned participant of the meeting of international artists at the Art School in Alytus, Lithuania from June 27-29 therefore possibly member of shortly existing Art Strike Action Committee, Alytus Chapter  (ASAC-Alytus) and self appointed member of Second Temporary Art Strike Action Committee – Alytus Chapter (STASAC-Alytus) –  I must confess that in the sense of point 10 of Second Resolution Concerning an Art Strike in Opposition to the Declaration of Vilnius as the 2009 EU City of Culture from July 3, 2008 (Self criticism is to be one of the crucial points of the self organization. No pity to traitors! Eternal blame on them!) I found serious imperfections in my approach to the subject and I want – in an effort to make the whole initiative/movement stronger – to denounce myself and let upon you my future – if there is for me any future in the movement when I question the very base/dogma of the art strike: always I have had a feeling that it is only me who wants keep doing something – that I must fight for that – that the “outer world” tries to silence me. Now such suggestion comes even from inner – closest circle of my friends – should I follow now? Should I really give up? 


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Paralelinis sukilimas
Antradienis, 09 Gruodis 2008 18:51

Pranešimas turėtų būti apie kažką visiškai kita, bet man pasirodė labia tinkamas vienas iš senesnių Martino Zeto tekstų, kurį radau Internete. Nors tekste nurodyta paraiškos pateikimo data jau seniai praėjo, bet, kiek žinau, pasiūlymas dar vis galioja… (RD)







Paraiškų priėmimo paskutinė data: 2006 m. rugsėjo 11 d.

Šiek tiek tarptautiniu mastu pripažintas menininkas Martinas Zetas iš Libušino (Čekijos Respublika) pirmą kartą gyvenimą skelbia konkursą norintiems tapti jo PAGRINDINIU SPONSORIUMI / IŠLAIKYTOJU.

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Parallel Revolt
Antradienis, 09 Gruodis 2008 17:27

The presentation is about something else, but I found it relevant to present following text by Martin Zet. Though the deadline have passed the offer is still valid… (R.D.)



Dead line: September 11, 2006

An artist from Libusin (Czech Republic) in the prime of his life (born 1959) with certain international recognition is holding a competition to be his: MAIN SPONSOR/BACKER


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