Trečiadienis, 27 Liepa 2011 20:07

                      Future generations will marvel at how the United States in the twentieth century so effectively destroyed those who would superceed both the democratic forms of its constitution and that of the capitalist economy which had already subverted its structures. Faced with judicial murder of such activists as Joe Hill, many activists chose anonymity especially following the defeat of the international wave of struggle following the First World War. William Sidis was just such a person.


                      Sidis had a rude introduction to the Society of the Spectacle. At the age of eleven he was regarded as an infant prodigy. He delivered a lecture to Harvard professors on the Fourth Dimension. When word of this reached bars where local journalists would drink, they started his persecution: he was later to recall how he would be physically attacked by journalists with one holding him down while the other photographed him. Grub Street did not need Murdoch to teach them how to be abusive.


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