Howard McCalebb
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Unsanctioned” is a self declared event of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2012), initiated by the African-American artist Howard McCalebb.


Polish artist Artur Żmijewski is the curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale. He appointed the Voina group from Russia and Joanna Warsza from Warsaw, Poland as Associate Curators, who have worked together with him to develop the concept and the program.


Unsanctioned is an art event that is to take place throughout the city of Berlin, as an “unsanctioned” event of the 7th Berlin Biennale to include and represent “artists of color.” All artists of color (Black, Asian, Latin–American, and or “mixtures”) are invited to join Unsanctioned as a guerrilla action to protest the systematic exclusion of marginalized social identities (artists of color), residing and working in Berlin, from participation in mainstream Berlin art institutions. This guerrilla action is a staged incursion into this important Berlin cultural event, through self-inclusion. It is an action to expose the hypocrisy of the fake “radicalism” that the 7th Berlin Biennale is assuming and posing.


Time and again, we are subjected to these so-called radical art world hipsters, who use institutional power to stage ersatz art world rebellions. The art world hipster and his fake authority defying stunts, only pretends to be a progressive with radical views on political, economic, and social reform. A true reformist rebels against the self-perpetuating theater of the opinion-making organs of cultural authority. When the prevailing norm is obsolete and or cannot be justified on moral grounds, progressive minded people must take action. Progressive Liberalism is not just sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll - it involves real world insights that are a necessary confrontation with the status quo. There is a necessity to question the predispositions of institutional authority. The program of the 7th Berlin Biennale does nothing of the sort. It continues the policies of exclusion.


Unsanctioned is a call to “litter” the city of Berlin with “unsanctioned” publicly performed or placed artworks!


Join us in this campaign.

Please spread this information via your personal channels.


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The permeability of cultures is a long-standing fascination. As cultural mobility acts in this sense, as the prime mover of conscience – through experience, it opens secret doors, orchestrates uncanny revelations, and lifts individuals out of obscurity and places them at the center of global life. It is for this reason that I am pleased to participate in this dialogue, which is occurring among thinkers from Eastern Europe (Post Communist), Africa (Post Colonial), and the Americas (Post Colonial USA/Ultra-Capitalist). This interesting mix of viewpoints should foster an enlightening discourse.


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Sponsored by Dada Post, Berlin Germany


Dada Post presents Geopraxis: a program of inquiry on the state of art practice of our current era of global society.

Geopraxis is a program initiated to examine the condition and problematic of the phenomenon of globalization, and its impact on art practice. The inquiry seeks to question the efficacy of a new International Style: one which will codify coherent global art practice, as artists attempt to meet new challenges, while seeking ways to further connect their practices in a new strategic infrastructure.

Over the millennia, evolving cultural developments have continuously intervened on the conditions from which artists conceive and manifest their art. The tradition of mimesis, for example, which had been a predominant aspiration in Western art since the ambitions of Greek Naturalism, prevailed until the Industrial Revolution brought forth the camera. The camera's ability to create exact duplications of the representational image was a cataclysmic intervention in the ways that artists would conceive and make art - forever. The creation, transfer and use of knowledge are ongoing and steadily evolving, as history moves on for better and for worse.

Today, we face a similar challenge under the new conditions that have evolved to shape our current era. We have entered a fundamentally new reality. Regarding the development of a global means of production, distribution, and consumption, as ‘art’ continues to refer to such a greater range of practices, it makes sense to consider ‘art’ as a unified practice in terms of being a cultural practice that serves particular interests. How this new global reality defines the new conditions with regards to human relations in terms of Nationalism, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class, is all part of a new mix of circumstances that remains as contentious as the old.

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