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Antradienis, 21 Birželis 2011 16:58

The industrial union DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique attend the June 30 march in London and we call on local un-unionised data miners and psychic workers to join us. This march called by PCS, ATL, UCU and NUT goes through areas of London where the workers represented by these unions would have been working if they were not on strike. This march is therefore not simply an A to B march – it is a claiming of ownership of the resources of production by these workers. These streets are part of the resources used in the production of public space by public workers. Furthermore since the PCS is the representative of the Metropolitan Police workers, any confrontation with police is not simply spectacular – it is the confrontation of striking workers with scab workers. Whatever the secret state’s hand in orchestrating and manipulating this situation, these objective manifestations of class war are what we join with.

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Penktadienis, 09 Balandis 2010 20:19


The quantum psychogeographical superimposition of New York and Munich, through the Nazi show of  “Degenerate Art” in Munich -  in the same year as MOMA got its present location at Rockefellers in NYC and also Solomon Guggenheim’s museum of non-objective art was established – 1937, shows how fascism and liberal capitalism form the left and right hands of Masonic rule.

Fascism was the rudimentary prototype of the contemporary society of abundance that is called the society of the spectacle. The contemporary generalization of the spectacle of commodities (from paintings to potato chips to eccentric ideologies, from the pseudo-diversity of automobiles to the pseudo-diversity of art movements and politicians) is the key to the rudimentary spectacle constituted by fascism, which could only offer a few potatoes, a single people, a single leader, a single blood, a single ground (and a single automobile: the Volkswagen), etc.
But just as one must never leave the critique of fascism to democrats, the critique of democracy must not be abandoned to cretins. Recently Conservatives have coined the term “Liberal fascism” – while this term has been mostly dismissed it does demonstrate how fascism has become demarcated with a left and right, the Conservatives and neo-cons themselves unwittingly positioned within it.

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Šeštadienis, 27 Vasaris 2010 12:18


I think u make some important points. It is reductive to label all Constructivists, Supremacists and Futurists as reactionary - there were phases and individuals in these movements who may have been revolutionary. However ultimately the movements were reactionary.

DUchamp however was not a movement but an individual worker. He was championed by the revolutionary SUrrealists - and broke with the fourth dimension in moving onto an n-dimensional theory in the Green Book - notes on the Large Glass. In this way he showed more sense that reactionary collaboraters to mass-murder like Einstein who advocated the ridiculous Euclidean 4th dimensionalism. For sure we can also differentiate between Euclidean 4th diemsnion and non-EUclidean 4th dimension.

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Šeštadienis, 27 Vasaris 2010 12:16


The 4th dimension is in fact 1 trimension + 1 dimensnion. in effect it is an attempt to expand a situation into another trimension but falls back into the trimensional logic of the situational forcefield of what it is trying to overcome. Hence fascists try and go beyond left and right but collapse into the logic of the right.

Duchamp is to be appreciated for breaking with 4th dimensionalism and going for n-dimensionalism (green book) following the math of Poincare (analysis-situ) as Jorn did.

all institutions must be overtaken by the proletariat. this includes art galleries and restaurants as well as public toilets...

Šeštadienis, 27 Vasaris 2010 11:52


Dear Kettles Yard and Lutz Becker,

We are gravely concerned by the content of your upcoming exhibition “Modern Times”. Judging from the promotional material that we have come across, the works selected are all “4 Dimensional” works – and as such are promoting Fascist and Nazist perspectives. Also, besides the uncritical exhibition of Fascist and Nazi material, the exhibition, in mixing 4D with revolutionary “n-dimensional” work, lumps together and thereby confuses works supporting and supported by the Fascists, Bolshevics (Futurism, Constructivism, Suprematism) as well as their contemporary counterparts such as the CIA (Abstract Expressionism) – with Revolutionary Communist work (Dada) whilst also pointedly excluding other Revolutionary Left and Anti-Bolshevik Communist work (Surrealism, Lettrism, Situationism) which would clarify political differences within Modernist Art.

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